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I have been in a bit of a fog this week! I had such an amazing weekend, and it just made Monday feel like an extra letdown. On Saturday, I got a severe sunburn. I’m pretty sure it was more in the category of sun poisoning. (I am very angry with myself for letting it happen because I know better!) Anyway, between the sunburn and high pollen counts, I haven’t felt myself completely.

The absolute highlight of my week was playing with the dogs in the park. I’m so thankful for the huge green space (even if I feel like a walking allergy medicine ad right now) and the pups agree. They know when we’re pulling into the parking lot, and you would think they were five-year-olds going to Disney world. I added a few photos to their Instagram account as crazy dog ladies do.

Winslow Park Westport

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Tennis Prints at Anne Taylor

Earlier this week, I had lunch in Westport. I was walking to my car and passed the Ann Taylor. They had gorgeous tennis print shorts in the window, and I popped inside. I love the shorts, and then I saw that they have an even more amazing tennis racquet eyelet dress. Or you could go for a silk scarf or a skirt. I can’t choose!

TWO // A Lilly Pulitzer Suite at Watch Hill Inn

I fell in love with this suite when I saw a sneak peek on Instagram. It’s everything you could want in a Lilly Pulitzer hotel room and more. I’d be afraid to stay there only because I think I’d want to move in and never return.

THREE // Two Tone Bow Flat

HOW CUTE ARE THESE FLATS? So chic and the price point is not bad at all. I do not need another pair of shoes, but these are very tempting.

FOUR //  The Joy of Having Boys

I can’t be the only girl on the planet who has dreamed of future children, right? For years, I could only picture myself having girls. Between having a little sister and a borderline obsession with dolls, I really couldn’t imagine having a boy. Boys seemed so foreign to me! And then I spent time with my friend’s younger brother, and I remember this lightbulb going off in my head like, “Oh! Having a boy would be so much fun.” It sounds so lame to type out, but that’s the truth. Now one of our family friends have two little boys whom I adore so much, and one of my best friends has a curly-haired sweetheart boy. I’d be the luckiest to have a boy half as cute as theirs.

Okayyyy… That’s all to say that I read this post from A Cup of Jo (one of my favorite blogs) about the joy of having boys and I loved the honest and thoughtful remarks from moms.

FIVE // Girl Shows Off Her New Prosthetic Leg

Ending on a heartwarming note. This little girl received a new sports blade prosthetic leg, and when she returns to school, she gets a warm welcome from her friends. I love how she shows it off with such pride, and her friends are SO excited for her. The world needs more of this.

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Emily Curro

I read the A Cup of Jo article too and I feel impartial because I’m a teacher and I have so many lovely boys and so many not so lovely ones. But that’s the same for anything, you win some, you lose some. It makes me think of Zoe on “Hart of Dixie” or really any tv show character whose pregnant, who only thinks they will have a girl because they are a girl! Such silly thinking but true!


Love the tennis print pieces from Ann Taylor, so cute! And that article from A Cup of Jo is great. I have 4 brothers an only 1 sister and while I know I want a daughter someday I really love the relationship I have with my brothers. It was so fun watching them grow up.

Taylor |

Sarah Gouin

Love the tennis prints from Ann Taylor!!! Growing up I always thought I would have girls. As it turned out, my husband and I have one 12 year old boy and we love him to bits. It’s true, I always envisioned playing barbies but through the years I’ve enjoyed playing Lego, cars, tinker toys, military games etc. It’s oped up a whole new world for me 😉 Have a great weekend!


THOSE TENNIS RAQUET SHORTS! Oh my gosh they’re so cute. Thanks for sharing! Hope you feel better soon Carly (:


Thanks so much for sharing the article The Joy of Having Boys! I’m the mom of two teenage boys who are the greatest gift in my life. In fact, when I say “You are” they follow up with “the love of my life”. I always tell my friends who find out they are pregnant with boys to prepare themselves, because no one will ever love you like your sons. There is a very special bond between a mama and her boys. Ok, I’m tearing up, time to go! 😀 xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life


Wandered over to A Cup of Jo and really enjoy the blog! Would love to hear more of your favorite blogs in a future post.


Ann Taylor has so many cute prints right now! There are few things I love more than a good print on a sundress – I’ve never seen tennis rackets before though, they’re so fun!