Guys!!! Major shopping PSA.

My favorite white tee is BACK. And it’s not just my favorite white tee; I’d go so far to say it’s the perfect white tee. I bought it on a whim last year (or the year before?), and it’s on heavy rotation in my wardrobe during the summer months. Well, year round.

Here’s why I love it:

– The crewneck is the perfect cut.

– The sleeves hit at just the right length. Not too long, and they’re also not tight.

– It washes so well.

– IT IS NOT SEE THROUGH. (I think we can just end there, right?)

The Perfect White Tee

I stocked up on the white but also bought it in a few more colors. I also ordered a couple of these tie-waist tees for good measure.


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Hooray!! Carly, I bought this t-shirt after you blogged about it last year, and was SO happy with it that I ended up ordering almost every color. Thank you for the heads up that it is back in stock!!


This is a great post! My one problem with these types of tops is stains from deodorant – does anyone have a favorite that won’t stain clothing? It happens with my colored clothes too!


Hi Carly! I was wondering what size you have in this perfect white tee? Curious if it runs small or not.


I get XS and find that they fit pretty true to size. They’re not a super tight tee but not baggy either.

Ally @bombshellbard

While I didn’t pick up THIS style of shirt, I did stop into J. Crew because of this post. I ended up walking out with 3 gorgeous colours (including white) of their ‘Perfect Fit’ t-shirt.

The sleeves on the ‘Perfect Fit’ look a little longer than the ‘Studio Fit’, but it’s great for me because they fit snugly and don’t bunch up under the cardis I wear to work. The neckline looks about the same, though, and it falls beautifully!

I won’t lie. I’m already anticipating August when J. Crew (*fingers crossed*) releases the ‘Perfect Fit’ in autumn/winter colours.