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I’m writing this post from my bed. I never work in bed, but I tweaked my neck/shoulder yesterday!!! When I was in Palm Beach in March, I woke up one morning with a crick in my neck. It didn’t feel good, but I was fine. (I think I slept with a pillow even though I normally do not.) By the end of the day, I couldn’t look left or right or move my neck at all. It took about five days for it to feel better.

Well, I must have had a little injury still lingering. I hold all my tension in my shoulders, and I had a rough meeting this week that left me quite on edge. My neck felt a little weird yesterday morning and then between 9 am, and 10 am it got so bad that I could barely move. (I took the dogs for a walk, and I was drenched in sweat, so gross.) I made a last minute (🙌🏻) chiropractor appointment, and I have another one today, so I hope we get this resolved ASAP. I hate not being able to do anything! I’m literally propped up in bed with a thick towel supporting my neck and a bag of frozen broccoli on my back– a great look.

Pink Peonies

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // What’s Wrong with Me? Absolutely Nothing.

Now and then I get sucked down the black hole that is Ted Talks. I love them and can easily spend hours listening to them. (Sarah Kay’s “If I Should Have a Daughter” is my favorite!) This one is a few years old, but incredible. Despite physical disabilities, Gaby Ury beat the world record of planking at the age of 16. She’s a great public speaker! Take a listen… it’s great Friday inspiration.

TWO //  Celebrities Fangirling

Celebrities, they’re just like us! How cute are these celebrities fangirling over other celebrities? I can’t pick a favorite reaction; they’re all so good.

THREE // Paris Hilton’s W Magazine Interview

Paris Hilton has always fascinated me. Even though her “brand” is to play dumb, I think she knows exactly what she’s doing at all times. She’s positioning herself for a comeback, and I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear of her! (Also, I wouldn’t have said it until I read the article, but literally, all of her fashion choices from the early 2000s are trendy right now.)

FOUR // 360 Degree Rowing

The Washington rowing team put a 360 camera on their boat during a race. It gave me chills to watch it as I sort of miss the sport. Spin the video around so you can get a full picture… it’s pretty awesome.

FIVE // Custom Laser Cut Calligraphy

My friend from high school just launched this amazing Etsy shop featuring laser cut calligraphy. There are a million ways you can decorate with it– and it would be a great baby shower or wedding gift too.

SIX // Dog Mom Anthem

This song is me, GUILTY! I sent it around to a bunch of my dog owner friends. We couldn’t stop laughing!!!! (Great marketing by BarkBox too!)

SEVEN // Dreamy Vet

The dog is adorable, but I think we all know why we’re really watching this video. So hot, right?

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That Sarah Kay video is also my favorite. You have to be careful or you can spend hours watching Sarah and Phil poetry videos too 🙈


I get sucked into the blackhole of TED talks too! My favorites are Sheryl Sandberg and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. They’re so addicting and thought provoking!


Ever think of seeing a Physical Therapist? I used to think a similar thing, “Oh I hold all my stress in my neck/shoulders” and it turned out to be something else. I was over using my trapezoid muscles and not using my lat muscles. Just a thought!

Claire M

Loved the Paris Hilton W magazine interview! I agree, I think she knows exactly what she is doing!


As a physical therapist, I highly recommend checking out one in your area. Chiros are great for occasional adjustments but a physical therapist can help make sure you’re using your muscles correctly and not compensating with others. They’ll teach you ways for you to help manage your symptoms in the future too!