Phone Snap Roundup

If there’s one thing missing from a lot of blogs these days, it’s personality. I scroll through the blogs I follow in the morning mostly just looking at pretty photos. And don’t get me wrong, everyone’s creating beautiful imagery! But it’s hard to connect… ya know?

I try to write a lot of my posts so that they sound exactly how I speak– may not be that eloquent, but it’s a blog, not a dissertation. I’m really putting the effort in nowadays to make sure that you feel like you’re connecting with me still. I know that my “personal” posts are always some of your favorites and the truth is that my life is pretty run of the mill most of the days. It’s not possible to always drop truth bombs every week without feeling like I’m reaching and scraping for it.

Anyway… I do think it’s fun to share some snaps from my phone that either never got posted anywhere or I want to share more than I can fit into an Instagram story caption.

Skinny Dip Charleston

When I was in Charleston a few weeks ago, I ended up picking up this super soft sweater from the Skinny Dip store. I was exhausted from my trip, and I didn’t bring any comfortable clothes with me for the plane ride home. Six dresses for two and a half days? Check! Something comfortable to wear on the plane? Nope. It’s arguably the softest piece of clothing I own now!!!

Madewell Cutout Dress

Speaking of clothes. I popped into Madewell after seeing this ruffle dress online. (I wore it in Rhode Island for the tulip farm!) Well, of course, I go in for one thing and fall in love with another. How amazing is this chambray dress? I am not in the habit of taking dressing room selfies, don’t worry, but I wanted to send this to my friend to see her thoughts before I bought. It’s not a dress I would think that I would like because of the cutouts, but it’s extremely cute, and I love it. It was warm enough two weeks ago to wear it to al fresco dinner with friends.


Speaking of friends… a couple of mine live in Hoboken, and I finally have a chance to explore it. I don’t know what took me so long. I wish I had looked into Hoboken when I moved. It feels a little bit like the city (or Brooklyn), but it’s very neighborhoody with amazing restaurants and the best views ever. My only problem with it is the parking situation– it’s out of control.

This was the scene of my epically horrible sunburn if you follow me on Snapchat. It was over eighty degrees and so sunny. It felt good to be sitting outside for five hours with little snacks and a book and frisbee games. I just wish I had put on more non-spray sunscreen!

The Stand Juice Bar

I met Audrey, who interned for me last spring, for a little breakfast before one of her final weeks of the semester. We went to The Stand in Fairfield for acai bowls. I haven’t had one in forever, and I forgot how much I liked them.

Gingham Flats

I love my ballet flats from Talbots, so they sent me this gingham pair for the summer. They’re super cute. (FYI they fit true to size!) Also worth checking out their mules (adorable!) and these d’Orsay flats.

Paris Charms Jet Set Candy

I was first introduced to Jet Set Candy two and a half years ago. I get a bunch of emails about product lines all the time, but there was something special about Jet Set Candy. I gave them my address (a HUGE deal if you’re a blogger) and the next thing I know, the most beautifully packaged charms show up on my doorstep. The charms are ridiculously detailed. They even have a line of “movable” charms with so much personality you can’t believe it. The Toblerone charm, for example, opens up and a row of perfect little chocolates slip out.)

Over the years, I’ve become friend with Nicole, the designer behind the brand. I just love her. I swung by their studio to drop off my bracelet to get spruced up, and she gifted me a few new charms for my upcoming trip to Paris!!! So special.

Winslow Park Westport

The dogs and I are just so happy for the sunshine and green grass. It’s been a little chillier than summer weather, but it’s still nice to soak in the sun rays. The scene at the park doesn’t even feel real to me. We go for about an hour at a time, and I find it so relaxing to just sit in the grass watching the dogs play.

Grocery Store Peonies

IT IS PEONY SEASON. I know it’s so cliche and so basic, but I’m on that peony bandwagon and have no plans to hop off anytime soon. I went to the grocery for something random and walked out with as many peonies as I could hold. It was the best surprise. I think 90% of the fun of peonies is watching them bloom. They open up so beautifully, changing hourly!

Peony Season

Margaux Flats

More flats. I wear ballet flats all the time, so I feel kind of justified in having pairs in every color. I’m always on the hunt for comfortable flats. It’s harder than it seems. These Margaux flats are amazing. So simple and classic, but also ridiculously comfortable. They have a ton of cushioning, and the leather is super soft. I’d recommend sizing down for the Demi flat. (I measure a 37-37.5 and the 37 fits best.)


This dog. Having dogs can be hard, but it’s so worth it in the end. They bring me such joy. I walked by Teddy who had made himself a hammock of sorts out of pillows on the couch. He was snoozing and opened his eyes right as I took the photo. I felt bad for disturbing his peace, but I had to capture the cuteness. I would trade places with these dogs in a heartbeat– they live great lives!

Granola Bar Stamford

And last up, The Granola Bar opened a “to-go” shop in Stamford. I’ve been stalking their social channels for the grand opening and can’t believe it’s already here. It’s dangerously convenient (especially with online ordering), and I think I’m going to be swinging by for quick lunches and caffeine fixes.

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I completely agree with your first paragraph and the last sentence of your second paragraph! I noticed that I’ve been posting a lot about travel, cafes, and photoshoots, and while I’m so happy with the content I create and the skills I’m developing, I’ve missed checking in to give an update about what’s been going on. So I started doing monthly reviews that share what I’ve been reading, watching, listening to, some favourites, some wishlists, and some snapshots of what I’ve been up to. I think that’s quite a lot of information though, so I’m still figuring out how to restructure it! // Anyways, loved this post! It’s my finals week, so I’ve been living in cosy sweaters. The acai bowl looks delish! I wish I had more frozen fruit in the apartment so that I could whip something up when I’m lazy, but the school year is about to end so I don’t want to go grocery shopping! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I completely agree. I try to make my content relatable and portray a true and realistic lifestyle but it can be hard at times.
I love this round up of photos! Thanks for sharing a bit of insight into the daily life.

Taylor |

Jess Zimlich

It’s funny that you mention your personal posts being the most popular, because they’re always a reader favorite for me too. People are curious by nature and I can’t blame them! I dropped a few truth bombs yesterday, but like you said, there are only so many of those. I love this idea of sharing more behind the scenes like you’ve done here 🙂 Also wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed the fitness content you’ve been sharing lately!


I love less curated, sneak peak posts! So refreshing! Thanks for sharing Carly! Also – there’s nothing better than a comfy sweatshirt. Good purchase!!

Niamh Marie

I love this, and I actually think you’ve done a great job of making your blog both professional and relatable. It’s something that I look up to and try to learn from! Also ditto on the sunscreen – if I don’t reapply like every 30 mins I’m toast!


Lovely post! Where is that pineapple quilt/blanket from??? I love it!!! 😃


Loved this post idea, Carly! I love seeing a little bit more into your world. I especially can’t agree more with you with peony season being here!


I live in Hoboken! Would love to run into you one weekend! Personal posts are always the best, even when they’re casual (agreed it’s not possible or even necessary
to reveal huge secrets every day). I find myself scrolling quickly by any post that seems “too” curated, even if it’s beautiful content, ya know?

Cristina - Memories of the Pacific

I completely agree with you, Carly. It’s hard to connect with bloggers sometimes. I have to say that for me it was hard to open up at first. But after a while, I got to know my readers and I felt more at ease with the words I shared on my blog. Now I feel like I’m talking to friends so it’s much easier to connect with my audience 🙂


I looked at those Margaux shoes after your instagram snap, but the second I saw they are made of calf leather, I said “no, thank you!” No wonder they are soft, they’re made from aborted baby cows= the most cruel way to source leather. So pretty, but not for me.


Love this post! I completely agree with loving your heart-to-heart posts the best. I tend to like those the best on all the blogs because I love getting to know people. I really love this low key rendition!

xo, Sofia


You definitely have to invest in a parking garage membership in Hoboken! My future in laws live there and we always pay way too much for parking when we visit. But Saints coffee is soooo worth it.


Totally agree with you on blogs lacking personality. That’s why I’ve consistently followed you for so long—I always feel like your content is coming from a real person in the best way.

And I need to go to Hoboken! I have some friends there who always seem to be doing the most fun things right outside the city.

Briana |


I love the phone snap roundup! its great! those of us who follow on stories get a glimpse but its great to get a little more story behind it all!


This is such a fun post & I love the Hoboken shout-out. Right before I graduated college, I dated a guy who lived there and was so close to moving! It’s such a special place, the restaurants there are AMAZING, and nothing better than running along the Hudson with Manhattan in the background! xx Shannon


I am obsessed with that dress! I got a similar one (minus the cutouts) from Express that was a great deal in the hopes that would satisfy…but I’m still eyeing it, ha!


Not even sure how I stumbled across this old post, but it reminded me how much I LOVE when you do phone snap roundups! Please do another soon! These are my favorite 🙂