ON MY RADAR 4.5.24

We got home from Tampa on Tuesday and slowly got our bearings. We came back to a pretty big rain storm and let’s just say I’m glad we got four days of sunny weather in Florida because just the 24 hours of downpour left me feeling down in the dumps. (I don’t love grey, rainy days in general, but add in a newborn and I was feeling extra trapped!)  Luckily I think we have some springy days ahead and next week we have a high 60s day it looks like…. I’m dreaming of sitting outside with a (!!!) beer! I’m keeping expectations low, but I’m hoping it works out 🤞🏻

My outfit

ONE // American Flag Baby Quilt

I’m so grateful that Meesh (my mom) made Jack a gorgeous baby quilt… but if she hadn’t, I would be buying this American flag baby quilt immediately. It looks like an heirloom piece that has been passed down between different generations. I am a big fan of quilts for playtime outside with little babies and picnics too. In my opinion, you can never have too many quilts!

TWO // The Rabbit Hole Museum

Until I read this article, I had zero reason to go to Kansas City, Missouri and now I want to book a trip there ASAP! This is one of the most incredible museums I’ve ever seen (or heard of)! The Rabbit Hole is a 30,000 square foot museum featuring scenes from classic children’s books come to life. I want to go so badly and I think Jack would love it. If you have any other suggestions for Kansas City, let me know because we really may be going in the near future….

THREE // Contrast Trim One Piece

This is one of the chicest one pieces I’ve ever seen! Loving the navy and white. I immediately ordered it when I saw it online and I’m hoping it’s a go-to for me this summer…. The white piping elevates it from a plain one piece, right?

FOUR // Madeline Birthday Party

This Madeline themed birthday just might be the cutest birthday party of all time. Wow!!! Madeline was one of my favorite books as a little girl (and my sister and I saw the 1997 movie at least seven times in movie theaters….) Not only is this a great idea for a party, it’s perfectly executed! Scroll through for all the perfectly sweet details.

FIVE // Red Bow Flats

I’m trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe and I’m loving pops of red. These little bow flats are unreal. Ann Mashburn is a favorite designer of mine– she herself is actually my ultimate girl crush! I think I need these shoes in my life!

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Lisa Mari

The red bow flats are so pretty 😍
Love the family picture from Tampa ❤️


I live in KC. It’s great. Union station is fun there’s a children’s science place called Science City that is awesome. Kalidescope is run by Crayola and kids can do fun art projects for free. Plus lego land and there’s a restaurant where trains deliver your food called Fritz’s


I am so excited to hear about the Rabbit Hole Museum! I live in opposite corner of Missouri, so we are more familiar with St. Louis. In KC I would recommend the Steamboat Arabia Museum, Boulevard Brewery, Union Station, the City Market, and maybe going to Royals or Chiefs game. If you are ever in STL be sure to take the boys to the City Museum and the Zoo. Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village are fun, too.


We sort of randomly went to Kansas City a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it! We live in Washington and didn’t really know what to think, but it was such a cool city. The Steamboat museum was neat. So many cute coffee shops everywhere. We also went to a baseball game and ate a ton of BBQ. It was wonderful!


As a Kansas City native, I enjoy your blog and can think of many fabulous reasons to come so I’m extra glad you found one! Please come visit! KC is a great.

D Allocco

Follow @kidsinkc on Instagram! I’ve also been thinking about a trip for my boys 4 and 2! Would love more info so please share any you find! Following from Chatham NJ!

Rebekah George

Hi- born and raised in Kansas City! So many amazing things to do for kids on both the Kansas and Missouri side. Here is a small list:
– Deana Rose Farm
– kaleidoscope (near hallmark head quarters)
– Crown center with a kids theater called the coatarie theater
-science city in union station
– water park – Schlitterbahn near giant outlet mall
– negro leagues and jazz museums interactive for kids
– starlight theater open air theater in the summer

Adult things:
– the plaza gorgeous Spanish architecture with food and shops
– crossroads art district
– monarch bar unique gorgeous bar spot
– distillery or brewery tastings

Must try for all – KC bbq
– Q39
– bates
– Gates
– Jack stack
– Zarda
– LC’s
-Joes bbq
– Arthur Bryant’s
– slaps

D allocco

Thank you for sharing! Any recommendations on where to stay with littles?


I second all the above. I grew up there! And lived there through medical school. I’m terribly biased but it’s a great mid-size city. For kiddos, love the Rabbit Hole Museum, there is a museum of miniatures as well that is very close to a free art museum/gallery called Nelson Atkins. Boulevard brewing is a great brewery with kid friendly areas in their tasting room. Staying in the Plaza area or an AirBNB in brookside would be convenient for most of those places.

Anna in KC

Plenty of kc recommendations! Lots of great food, and plenty of family fun! Tons of parks, aquarium, wonderscope (kids museum), Deanna rose farm, bookstores, and plenty of fun for grown up’s too! Can send more specific recs if you decide to come to the Paris of the plains! Taylor swift approved 😉


Please come to KC and do an event at KC Needlepoint!!! All the recommendations are spot on! I can’t wait to go to the Rabbit Hole with my boys! They have a book list on the website and so many of the books we haven’t read yet so I’ve requested a bunch from our library.

Emma C

I just relocated from the Upper East Side to the KC area for my partner who will be attending Law School. It is a small city that has a lot to offer. KC Needlepoint is the BEST and totally a must visit!!