I took a little break last month, but am back with another what I bought on Amazon post and sharing some of my favorite purchases from March!

Quilted Jacket // I’ve been wearing this jacket so much that I had to get another color! I couldn’t resist this punchy floral print, and it’s the perfect affordable spring layering piece at under $35!

Asics Sneakers // I felt overdue for a new pair of sneakers, so I ordered this cute neutral pair for under $100. They’re super comfortable and have been great for all the long walks we’ve been taking lately! Hoping these help a bit with my very sore foot 🫠

LMNT Electrolytes // This was another repurchase for us! I’ve talked about LMNT before and highly recommend it! Try the sample pack first to find your favorites—we love the raspberry and watermelon salts.

Ankle Socks // I’m super impressed with these socks! I love how they feel and how well they stay up.

Needlepoint Scroll Frame // If you’re working on a large needlepoint canvas like a stocking, having stretcher bars or a scroll frame is so helpful! I’ve purchased this one before (I cannot for the life of me find it….), and although it’s not perfect, it gets the job done.

Muslin Bunny Blanket // How cute is this little bunny blanket? Rory loves it, and it’s the perfect size for him to hold.

Sleep Sack // I transitioned Jack out of a swaddle pretty early and switched him into sleep sacks and they are so good. Jack is just so cozy in his. I swear it’s what helped him start sleeping the longest stretches during the night!

Kids Swim Trunks // I got these cute striped swim trunks for Jack for our recent Florida trip, and I have a feeling they’ll be in heavy rotation this summer!

Mess-Free Coloring Book // These are a hit with Jack and are great for keeping kids entertained when traveling or out to eat!

Play Gym // Like Jack, Rory is also obsessed with the play gym, and I love it as a mom because it keeps him entertained! This was one of the things I “splurged” on for Rory– I didn’t love the way the other play gym we had looked out in our living room so I thought it was worth getting a prettier one. Turns out, it has a ton of great features and Jack even loves it when I put the tent on to turn it into a little fort for him to read and snuggle in!

Babiators Sunglasses // Babiators are my favorite sunglasses for Jack! They have such chic frames, and I love that they have 100% UVA and UVB coated protection. I bought these as a birthday gift for a friends’ kids!

Toddler Sneakers // To say Jack is a fan of these sneakers would be an understatement! The evening they arrived, he insisted we go to his preschool teacher’s house to show her his new shoes. Although I did not oblige, seeing how excited he was about them was very cute. 

Cotton Baby Footie Pajamas // Zipper footie pajamas were our favorite pajamas for Jack once he was out of the swaddle. They are so cozy and fit him for a while. These come in a set of two for under $30!


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do you have a rec for straps for the babiators? my kiddo just grabs theirs off immediately.

Laura J

I was hoping you’d share these toddler shoes in a blog post!! I need new tennis shoes for my dauggter and I remember you had shared these and loved the look!! Gonna get some pink ones and I’m hoping they’ll be a hit! 🙂