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My traveling spree is finally coming to an end today! It’s been a crazy few weeks of nearly back to back trips, so I’m kind of excited to get back into a good rhythm of being home with the pups.

I still have a lot of Paris content to share (here’s the big travel guide post though) and there will be some Nantucket posts coming up as well. I just need to catch my breath to organize my content calendar over here first!

This weekend, I’m going to be laying low on Saturday. (Kind of excited to actually to sleep in!) But then on Sunday, I’m going into the city for a Tony Awards viewing party and the incredible after party at the Plaza. I rented a dress from Rent the Runway again… cross your fingers it fits well!

Nantucket Bike

Here’s what is on my radar for the week:

ONE // Clip On Man Buns

So this is technically a product for men to pretend like they have a man bun. (Weird.) But… as I was watching it, I honestly kind of love the idea for girls. I always feel like my hair buns look so measly and wimpy. Could this be the answer?!

TWO // Managing Anxiety from 15 Mental Health Experts

Your responses (and emails) after my most recent post about anxiety warmed my heart. But also made me a little bit sad knowing just how many people are affected by it as well. Many of the emails I received asked me for specific advice on what I do to manage it. Honestly, I don’t feel 100% comfortable sharing the details of that besides the basics… and I don’t think it’s a one-size-fits-all solution. Every single person will have a different approach for discovering what works for them and what works will look different for everyone as well. The BEST thing I can recommend is to work with a professional (who you can find through your school, referrals from your general practitioner, recommendations from friends/family, or your health insurance’s website).

A reader sent me this post with tips for managing anxiety from different experts. There are a ton of great suggestions there!

THREE // Hyancith Backpack

I’ve seen these little basket backpacks popping up, but this one might just be the cutest one I’ve seen so far. I love that you can add a monogram! It seems like such a good solution for a bag to carry around to the dog park and beach when I want to keep my hands free. The bag is also super cute on the back of a bike as shown in the marketing photos.

FOUR // Meal Prep

I got sucked down the rabbit hole of meal prep videos on Youtube this week. I’ve been trying to figure out a better way to cook dinners for busy weeks. I have no problem eating the same thing every day (as you could tell from this post about what I eat in a week) so I kind of love the idea of making everything for the week at once.

FIVE // Mandy Harvey

Wow, America’s Got Talent seems to be killing it this year. I can’t stop watching the clips on Youtube. I have a feeling Mandy Harvey is going to win though. She lost her hearing ten years ago, and through muscle memory plus other techniques (like feeling the vibrations through her feet), she’s still able to sing. And sing beautifully at that. Her original song had me in TEARS.

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#1 – Nooooo…! The secret to good buns is a hair donut. Just make a pony tail, thread your pony through the donut, then let your hair fall over the donut and pin in place. I have one just like the link to forever21 and even with thin shoulder length hair it gives me a great bun. You can also get or make the donuts out of fabric, but I like the mesh stuff since it helps your hair stick to it in place.


I have a donut from a few years ago but I always feel like I look like I’m going to prom with it!


Thank you for sharing that anxiety post! I struggle with it and have found some great ways to cope but I always love reading more things that I can implement when I’m feeling that attack coming on.


Hi Carly – I would also add that Americans and Canadians can find a therapist through the Psychology Today website (which I learned from listening to the “My Favorite Murder” podcast!).

Katie McC

LOLOL to the clip on man bun….my hair is sooo long I can never really get my bun to stay unless I use a million bobby pics and ouch! Oooh Rent the Runway! I recently went to a wedding and couldn’t believe I forgot about that and could have rented a dress. And I even interned for them in college. (face to palm emoji). Yay for the Nantucket content. I love how all the housing photos looks when you share them. =) Have a great weekend!

Katie |

Gillian Redstone

I looove Rent The Runway! I actually rented a dress for 4/8 of my high school dances and was never disappointed. Can’t wait to see how that gorgeous red number looks!

Samantha Spellman

Did you check out Mind over Munch on youtube during your meal prep rabbit hole? She has some super awesome meal prep ideas and ways to keep things versatile.

Gaby Taylor

Okay, check out Romania’s got talent winner Lorelai something. I don’t remember her name but it’s beautiful!!


Thank you (and the reader who shared it!) so much for the anxiety post link, Carly! I only just started struggling with anxiety within the past year and can’t tell you how much this and hearing your/other people’s stories have helped me feel like I’m not alone. Xoxo

Southern & Style

During the school year (I’m a teacher!), meal prep saves the day as far as lunches go. The YouTube videos are seriously addictive, so I see how you got sucked in 😉

xoxo, SS
Southern And Style


The Mandy Harvey video had me in tears! I have been showing everyone the video since I first saw it! It was amazing! xx


Meal Prep makes a busy life so much easier, and sometimes healthier with having meals prepped and ready to go so it lessens the temptation to order in (or out)! I love meal prepping!