Wish List

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m so, so looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I’ve had such an incredible time traveling this entire year really, but I think I need some downtime asap!

I have no need for anything new, but it’s not stopping me from doing some window shopping online. Below are some things that are catching my eye:

Wish List

Pink Sunnies // Striped Sweater

“Hot Stuff” Packet iPhone Case // Tassel Earrings // Bike

Tiered Maxi Dress // Basket Backpack // Fireworks Earrings

Bike iPhone // Madras Tank

Curling Iron // Leather Slides // Wicker Crossbody

Pull On Tie Shorts // Palm Print Workout Pants // Slip-On Sneaker


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I actually have the bike, but it’s at my parent’s house in Tampa. Considering a second one for up here!

Erin Lucy

For some reason I am so drawn to blue and white this season! I definitely do not need anymore but that striped dress is so adorable. Also, I went back to your podcast post the other day and started listening to Awesome Etiquette, is so interesting and super helpful. Thanks so much for your recommendations!

Rachel S

Hey Carly- While I know that it can be a bit more expensive, I highly encourage you to check out your local bike shop to see what they have to offer too! Your local professionals can ensure that your bike fits your properly, help you find a comfortable seat, and ensure your ride is in good condition and perform a safety check! Plus, they often carry really cute accessories- bells, baskets, and comfortable helmets.

Ally Stuart @bombshellbard

Oh, hearteyes for the bike! I have a vintage Schwinn Fair Lady that I never really ride (because it doesn’t have breaks) but that doesn’t keep me from swooning over pretty cruiser style bikes like this!