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I am SO excited for this upcoming trip to Nantucket. This is my last little burst of traveling for the foreseeable future. I’ll be there this weekend through Wednesday for the Fourth of July. Then I come back to Connecticut to collect the pups and pick Carter up from the airport and head back to Nantucket a few days later for a full week!

I’m really looking forward to hanging out with friends and spending as much time as possible at the beach. It’s, without a doubt, my favorite place on Earth!

Even though this has been something I’ve been looking forward to since December (seriously I booked the house the first snow day we had!), it does feel like the summer is flying by. It’s been so nice out too, finally, so I made the switch from warm drinks to iced lattes. That always puts me in a summer state of mind.

Granola Bar

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Sole Society

Sole Society has been one of my favorite places to shop for trendy shoes for about three years. I’ve been trying not to buy as many shoes, but I still keep looking!!! I found two on Sole Society that I love: an embroidered loafer (obsessed) and a two-piece leather loafer (looks better on the model than without a foot, FYI!).

TWO // The Jimmys

Have you heard of The Jimmys? It’s like the Tony Awards but for talented teens. I loved this NY Times feature on it. Makes me wish I was in high school again and, you know, had enough talent to compete ha.

THREE // The People You Look Up To

I’m working on a longer post about someone that I look up to, and then I read Maxie’s post, and it was such a good reminder of what we need to remember! Even the best of us forget that the people we look up to are just that: people!

FOUR // CBC Kids

These video of a high schooler with autism made me cry! I think it goes without saying that Austin is incredible and I loved seeing him overcome some of his fears and worries in the video. BUT, it was the teachers that really made the video great. Supportive teachers mean EVERYTHING to students and these teachers seem like some of the best!

FIVE // La Guardia Cross Interviews His Daughter

If you’re in need of a good laugh, you have to watch this video of a comedian interviewing his one-year-old daughter. The subtitles are a riot. (Also, she is too cute.)

SIX // Uber’s New Hires

My friend Boz just left Apple and joined Uber as their Chief Brand Officer. I had been following the controversy around Uber’s culture problem, but when I saw that Boz was tapped to help solve that problem, I started watching even closer. I am really excited to see what these women end up doing!

SEVEN // Stan Smith’s On Sale!

The Stan Smith sneaks everyone loves is 20% off right now! If you’ve been eyeing them, now’s the time to pull the trigger.

EIGHT // Why I Left Buzzfeed

It seems like everyone is making these “Why I Left Buzzfeed” videos, but this one is definitely the best!!!! So creative and entertaining. It seems like Buzzfeed lost a really talented guy.

NINE // Baby Laughing at an Ostrich

(I think that’s an ostrich, by the way, correct me if I’m wrong, please!) This baby has the most infectious laugh while feeding animals at what looks like a drive-through zoo. Try to just watch it once– I kept coming back to it when I needed a quick laugh.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned!

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Alex C

Hope you have a wonderful time in Nantucket and I can’t wait to see pictures! I love the Stan Smith sneakers– I’ve been looking for an affordable pair so now I just might be convinced to buy some.
Alex //


Have you ever tried making your own cold brewed for homemade iced lattes? If you’ve got a French Press, it’s super easy.

You just put the (roughly) ground coffee into the press with cold water and pop it in the fridge overnight. Press the grounds down in the morning and voila, cold brew. Add your fave milk or milk substitute to make it a latte! =D


I had not heard of the Jimmys! That is pretty cool they have a place for teens to shine and be awarded. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy Nantucket!