Super Easy Overnight Oats

Oatmeal is one of my go-to meals (and snacks!) during the day. If you remember, a couple of months ago I shared what I eat in a week. I love a good bowl of oatmeal. I’ve always done the traditional oats and hot water kind of oatmeal, although I’ve heard great things about “overnight oats.” I see recipes on social media for them all the time. Well, I’m partnering with Quaker today to show you their latest product—a cool and hearty breakfast just in time for summer. They saw how much everyone loved the overnight oats trend and created a product specifically based on it. It’s ridiculously simple to make and tastes amazing. I don’t say this lightly: these Quaker Overnight Oats are genius.

Quaker Oatmeal Overnight Oats Cups

Quaker looked at what was most popular and trending on social to come up with the four flavors!

Easy overnight oats recipe

During the week, I don’t always have time to whip up a gourmet breakfast. Even though I work from home, I like to get started with working right away. After walking the dogs, I immediately sit down with my coffee, roll up my sleeves, and get to work. The easier, the better for breakfast!

The single-serve cups have oats, fruits, quinoa, flaxseed, and nuts. The first thing I noticed when I opened the container for the first time was how amazing it smelled! I knew it was going to be great right away. They have 100% whole grain oats (and other grains) and no artificial flavors or added colors. The cups are a good source of dietary fiber (10 grams of fat or less per container) and have 10g of protein when prepared with a ½ cup of Vitamin A and Vitamin D Fortified Skim Milk.

How to make overnight oats

To prepare, all you have to do is fill the cup to the fill line with milk, give it a quick stir… and pop in the refrigerator overnight (or at least six hours). I think it’s an easy addition to your nighttime routine. I’ve been pouring the milk into the cups while I make dinner since I’m already in the kitchen. And then in the morning, the oats are fully steeped and ready to be enjoyed.

Overnight Oats Quaker Oatmeal

How to make easy overnight oats

Overnight Oats

In the morning, the overnight oats are completely ready to eat! You don’t have to do anything else besides grabbing a spoon.

Overnight Oats Recipe

I find that it’s a great breakfast choice, both in size and taste, but especially for the convenience. (I’ve also had it after a workout when I felt famished with no energy left over to make lunch!) The cups are already a staple in my pantry!

Fast weekday breakfast ideas

The simplest breakfast choice for a hassle-free morning.

Thank you Quaker for sponsoring this post!

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I always think I’m going to make them myself and I never do… so I personally love the convenience! I’m hooked!

Alex C

I’ve never tried making overnight oats but maybe I will now! As much as I try to make things on my own, you just can’t beat convenience sometimes. These would be great for popping in a tiny dorm fridge for a quick breakfast when I head back to college in the fall.
Alex //


These look awesome! I’ve always wanted to make overnight oats but never seem to actually do it. Fingers crossed they’re rolled out at my grocery store soon!

Haley Schryver

Overnight oats are super easy to prepare yourself– and you can cut down on waste by making yours in a jar instead of a disposable plastic container!


Definitely an option! These cups are good for people who want less hassle in the morning!


Ugh, eating overnight oats right now at work that took WAY more time than those. Do you have a favorite flavor? I hope I can find the blueberry in Chicago soon because that looks so tasty.

BTW, where did you get your notepad in the last picture? I’m always looking for cute “friend gifts” and think this would be perfect for my BFF.

Love your blog! XO


The blueberry so far!

The place where I got the notepad from went out of business. But if you search “hourly planner” on Etsy you can find similar options!


Would love to see a post on chia seed pudding, I can never seem to make it taste that great.


These look so yummy! Oatmeal doesn’t always keep me full but I think with the added berries and whatnot, that’ll help!


Wow, this is such a great idea. I’m definitely going to have to look for these the next time I’m at the supermarket.

Katie McC | Katie's Kronicles

Glad you got on the trend! Recently I tried overnight oats again after a few bad goes and I really liked them. I would not say I loveee them but they really aren’t bad, especially if you need a quick and easy breakfast that’s not to sweet. I just use simple rolled oats and add almond milk with cinnamon and honey. Then in the AM I can add fresh fruit, peanut butter or nuts!

Katie |


These look so good! This might be a dumb question, but do you eat them cold or heat them up like you normally would with oatmeal?


I got these and they are very tasty! A little too much sugar for me, but a great breakfast for sure!