I have not been able to get enough of Harry Styles’ new album. It’s more or less been on repeat for me. I’ve been doing SO much driving recently, and I alternate between talking to my mom on Bluetooth, listening to audiobooks, and jamming to Harry Styles.

It could be a full-blown obsession, but the jury’s still out on that one.

To not get sick of his songs (which would be horrible), I started collecting songs for a new playlist. I think this is going to be my official playlist of the summer. Right now it has over an hour of music, but I imagine that I’ll keep adding to it as I find songs I like. I love the idea of making a playlist for a particular season and listening to it constantly, so it essentially becomes a soundtrack of one slice of your life.

The summer between middle school and high school, my best friend and I made a CD with our favorite songs. They were REALLY random and not trendy for that year, but whenever I hear one of the songs (like The B-52s “Roam” or Aretha Franklin’s “I Say a Little Prayer”) it brings me right back to that summer.

Summer Playlist

I’m hoping that happens this time around.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify.


Any good songs I should listen to in addition to these?! Do share!

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Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂 I’m really thankful because I completely agree with what you’re saying about it becoming a soundtrack for a certain point in your life so, I’m going to get creating a soundtrack for this summer and I’m SO excited to do it 🙂 I’m going to give yours a listen too.

Have a great week 🙂

Chloe @

Ashley Barker

I LOVE HARRY STYLE’S NEW MUSIC! And it is a new obsesession! I haven’t been a huge fan of One Direction as a whole, but when Harry went solo and decided to change his whole music style (which I applaud him for going out of the normal “pop” beats/ typical route) I have been hooked!!

Alex C

I love the power of music to take you back to a time when you were listening to that song previously; thanks for sharing! And I second Lauren, Strip That Down is a great party-ish song for when you need a break from Despacito.
Alex //


Love this playlist!! I’ve had iSpy on repeat for a while now, such a fun summer song!

Cashel Koski

The Chainsmokers new Album “Memories: Do Not Open” and Lorde’s album “Melodrama” have been on repeat for me since they came out. They’re essential to the perfect summer playlist, especially the songs Break Up Every Night (Chainsmokers) and Perfect Places (Lorde).

Cashel |


I believe you tweeted a few days ago that you worked out to Harry Styles…I love the album but hadn’t even thought of that. I tried it soon after and it is a great mix to work out too!

Gillian Redstone

Not sure if you’re a musical fan, but the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack has been absolutely killing me (especially Waving Through a Window!!). Lorde’s new album is also a literal masterpiece.


Ah! I need to give it a listen! I’ve heard a few songs here and there and love!


You should really check out Brandi Carlisle if you haven’t already! She’s incredible. Also, this summer I feel like I haven’t been able to stop listening to the new-ish musical Dear Evan Hansen. If you’re a musical kind of person, you will love it.

Thank you for your awesome posts! Checking your blog is such a self care thing for me and if it’s been a little while since I’ve gone through your posts I know I haven’t been giving myself enough me-time. You’re the best. Keep doing you.