This week was so needed for me. After nearly six months of seemingly nonstop travel, my adventures have come to an end. My next flight isn’t booked until the end of August to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday. I’m looking forward to that… but also just to get back into a normal routine in the meantime.

I think I was so relieved to be back home and to be able to put my suitcase away that I went into this weird nesting mode. I scrubbed the apartment, fully stocked my refrigerator for the first time in weeks, and bought new sheets and pillows for my bedroom. It’s funny how the little things can make such a big difference!


Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ll come back on later today with more detailed picks… but it officially opens up at 3 am EST! It’s a great time to shop because it’s essentially a pre-sale. All the must-have fall pieces will be available early and at amazing prices. (Versus a regular sale where they’re just trying to clear the shelves for new clothes.) I promise not to be obnoxious about the sale 😜… it’s just a sale! But if you want to shop through my links, which I make a commission from, I do (as always) appreciate it!

TWO // Two of my favorites: Misty Copeland and Edgar Degas

Misty Copeland recreated some of Degas’ most famous works for an upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar. I’ve always loved Degas, and his ballerina focused artwork. I even studied his work for a semester long project in an art class that I took in college. Misty is stunning as the subject of these photographs– I can’t wait to buy the issue.

THREE // Could you read 200 books a year?

In my peak reading days in college, I was averaging over a book a week in addition to my class reading. I’ve since slowed down a little bit (I blame my subscription to Netflix!), but still try to read a couple of books a month. I think Warren Buffett IS onto something though. Reading this article re-inspired me to put my phone down and laptop away more to make sure I’m reading enough every day. 

FOUR // Parking Enforcement Empathy

Okay, this was the cutest video I’ve seen all week. This precocious kid is hilarious, and sweet, as he follows around a parking enforcement officer for the day. 

FIVE // Reuben Grey

This teenager is without a doubt going to be a star. As my sister put it, he’s like the missing member of One Direction. He’s so adorable and incredibly talented… I can’t wait to see his career skyrocket!


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The Misty Copeland/Degas photos are incredible, but they are from the March 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaar not an upcoming issue.


OMG you like Reuben Grey too! That video of his father surprising him during the audition is priceless, so good!
By the way, I have a traveling suggestion for you and your friends.. Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, this place is outstanding, there’s a lot of thing to do there.. every thing is really incredible!