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I know I may be just a tiny bit biased here, but I think I’m the happiest girl on the planet right now. For a while, I’ve felt like I was chugging along and doing a lot of “behind the scenes” work, which, while necessary, doesn’t always have immediate results. I swear, this week everything started to click into place, and it feels GOOD. It can be tempting to slack on life (health, relationships, work-wise) when you’re not getting feedback right away. Oh, but the wait is worth it when you do see the result finally!

Anyway, I’m flying to Tampa this afternoon for my grandma’s 90th birthday. (No big deal!!!) I can’t wait to see everyone and celebrate together.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Lilly Pulitzer Dress // Jack Rogers Flats // Sunglasses // Earrings (c/o)

On my radar this week:

ONE // Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale

In case you missed the announcement earlier this week, Lilly’s BIGGEST sale of the year starts on Monday! I go into more detail in Wednesday’s post.

TWO // Pleated Trench

I love my trusty trench coat that I’ve had since college… but I’ve been thinking about upgrading it to something a little nicer. Every year or so I try on a classic Burberry trench although I haven’t been able to pull the trigger. This pleated trench coat from J. Crew could be a happy medium!

THREE // The Eclipse!

Did you guys get into the eclipse?! I was interested but not as gung-ho as some of my friends. It was pretty cloudy here in Connecticut, so it just got dark and looked like it was going to rain. I really wish I had traveled to the path of totality! I loved how everyone rallied around it though. The energy building up to the short few minutes was contagious, and I’ve enjoyed catching up on photos and articles about the event too. My two favorites:

This eclipse cake by Nancy Stuart is stunning. When I saw it in my explore page, I actually thought it was a photo! The icing looks just like the surface of the moon!!!

If you didn’t get a chance to get into the excitement of the eclipse or if you were feeling FOMO, you should watch Casey Neistat’s vlog of the day. I felt like I was holding my breath for him to make it in time. And he used five different cameras at once to capture the moment (including an epic drone shot), so it’s a great all-around summary.

FOUR // The Best Grilled Chicken

My go-to lunch recently has been steamed broccoli and grilled chicken. I can’t get enough. After experimenting with a few different methods of seasoning the chicken, this one had been my absolute favorite. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

FIVE // Outdoor Voices

When did I become the girl who lusts after athletic clothes?! I spend more time than I’d like to admit poring over websites looking at different pants for my workouts. Outdoor Voices’ latest collection gave me major heart eyes– totally obsessed with the hints of yellow.

Any fun weekend plans?!

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Uh, gotta call bullshit here–girl you HAVE a Burberry trench. It’s red, remember? Do you think the people reading your blog have the memory of a goldfish?


I said classic Burberry trench… the red one isn’t one of their classic trenches, it’s for traveling and less than half the price of the originals!


Strangely aggressive comment over a coat…you tell her, Carly!! Enjoy the weekend!!!


Hi Carly!

What was the link to that grilling pan that you talked about on your snapchat? I’d love to try that grilled chicken recipe on it! Thanks!



Carly, get the Burberry! I finally took the plunge last fall after a decade of drooling over it and the only thing I regret is not buying it sooner so I would have had more time with it! It’s called the classic cause it’s a classic — it goes with everything and you will literally wear it for the rest of your life… and then hand it down to your daughters! 🙂


The J.Crew pleated trench is now on sale with 40% off. Really cute and affordable option. I might have to pull the trigger on this too 🙂