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It’s not Friday!!!! I’m putting this week’s On My Radar post up a day early because I have a sponsored post queued for tomorrow! (It’s about my #1 insecurity 🙈.) I know I did this to you guys last week too and I felt bad at how many people messaged me saying they thought they missed meetings or sadly found out it was only Thursday!

Last Friday, I celebrated my birthday in the best low-key kind of way. I’m not the biggest birthday person, never have been, but it was such a nice day. I spent the majority of the day working (I thought something was going to take an hour, but it turned out I needed a little more than four ugh) and then closed my laptop for the rest of the long weekend. I was out in New Jersey with my boyfriend* for the day and spent the afternoon playing basketball (I’m the worst), grocery shopping, and cooking/baking. He’s an incredible cook and can make anything under the sun. I’d take one of his meals over a restaurant any day of the week. BUT, all I really wanted were his turkey sandwiches which are so good I can’t even describe them.

The rest of the weekend was spent down the shore with his family. Lots of games were played (and won 💁🏻) and I took what probably will be my last dip in the ocean until next year.

  • * Surprise? It’s actually really not much of a surprise if you’ve been following on social and I know some of you guys have been searching high and low for clues about the “mystery man.” (Please don’t.) In the beginning, I didn’t want to talk about it because who can really know where relationships are going to go. But I think we’ve made it past a few forks in the road where I feel more comfortable acknowledging it than not. It seems like I’m hiding things to be secretive and that’s not the case. It’s his preference to not be on social and I 1,000% respect that and I hope you guys can, too! Blogging is my job, and my choice and I always want to comply with the preferences of my friends/family/whomever about their choice to be in or excluded. But guys, between you and me, I am the happiest right now.

While I love a good three-day weekend, did anyone else struggle to get the gears going this week?! I felt exhausted and not-completely-myself on Tuesday. Maybe it was just a happiness hangover.

Here’s what was on my radar for the week:

ONE // Ava Ryan Takes on Fashion Week

I remember watching this little girl on Vine and thinking she was hilarious. I can’t believe how grown up she is now, but she’s just as funny as ever! She did a little skit for W Magazine just in time for fashion week.

TWO // The Daily Edited

Warning: don’t click this if you’re obsessed with monogramming because you’ll want everything. I want one of everything. I love the wallet, the laptop case, this little handbag, and this cosmetic travel case. You can do a traditional monogram, choose one of their fonts, or even upload your own handwriting!!!

THREE // Reese Witherspoon on Ambition

You NEED to read this Reese Witherspoon interview from Glamour Magazine. It might just be one of my favorite magazine articles of the year. The best line: “Run away from a man who can’t handle your ambition.”

FOUR // Skin Relief Face Mask

I HAVE FOUND A MIRACLE FACE MASK. Over the past year, I’ve been doing face masks more and more. I know they’re not a “new” trend by any means, but I am finally on the bandwagon. I try to do one every few days when I have time. Origins (the maker of my can’t-live-without moisturizer) sent me a package with different masks. It included one of my go-tos and a few that were new to me. The Mega-Mushroom mask has been the best mask I’ve ever tried. Instead of washing it off, you tissue the excess off and then just rub the remaining mask into your skin like a moisturizer. My skin is very sensitive, so it does look kind of red immediately following the mask, but within ten minutes it’s glowing. I’ve been using it for three weeks now, and I’ve noticed a significant difference in the evenness of my skin tone. I have never felt so comfortable to go without makeup!


Netflix is releasing a new Magic School Bus series. This show brings back so many memories of elementary school for me. Hearing the theme song again brought me right back to third grade, I swear. Can’t say that I’ll watch this, but I also can’t promise that I won’t.

SIX // Before & After First Day of School

Ending today’s post with a little humor. These before and after photos of kids on the first day of kindergarten are kind of everything. #2 is my absolute favorite.

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Colleen Ray

doing a big happy dance for you Carly!! You deserve all good things life has to offer. Keep chasing that happiness hangover (I love that!!)

Allie N.

Carly, your birthday sounds like it was amazing! Seems very perfect for you. 🙂 Also, thanks for sharing the Before & After pictures of the kids on their first days of school… definitely the lighthearted pick-me-up I needed tonight! 🙂


Yes please! They look so amazing, I was hoping to see a recipe/how-to after I saw the photos on Instagram last week!


I think it was a mix of happiness and turkey hangover 😉 Happy you had a wonderful birthday!


The interview with Reese Witherspoon is everything and everyone should read it! I am excited to take myself to the movies tomorrow to see Home Again!


I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday and nice long weekend. I must admit, I’m after the turkey sandwich recipe, too. I hope you can share it.


OH my, I am SO happy for you Carly!
You deserve the best of happiness and I am so pleased to know that life has been so good for you.

I hope people respect his and your privacy and I hope the future is bright for you two



Love Origins products! I was first introduced to the Mushroom mask by a friend who recommended for my sunburn. It totally soothed and helped the redness. I ended up using it while in Mexico on my legs that were also terribly sunburned! It’s also great for the winter as the season get’s more cold and dry.


Definitely, respect his decision for privacy BUT could we get a recipe for those turkey sandwiches?? They look too good.

Ashley Corcoran

Happy to hear that you’re doing really well right now! However, I would be lying if I said I haven’t been eagerly waiting for him to make an appearance haha!


So happy for your happiness. I got to meet your new beau at the Preakness and you’re an adorable couple! Sometimes you have to be down before you can be up. Glad you’re on top. Good things happens to good people! Keep smiling!