ON MY RADAR 6.7.24

What a fun week over here! Jack had his last day of preschool, we went to the pond every day that they were open (it’s still pre-season), we celebrated our niece’s birthday. There were dance parties, trips to the book store, special ice cream cones, and many (many!) rides down the froggie slide.

Hat // Sunglasses // Swimsuit // Coverup

ONE // Colorful Platform Sneaker

I’ve been wearing sneakers so much lately. One, I just find them the most practical for everyday life, especially when I’m in mom-mode (which is… a lot of the time). And two, I’m still struggling with pain in my foot and sneakers are just the best option for me. I had been eyeing a “fun” pair of sneakers and stumbled on these. They’re definitely a look-for-less, but that price point can’t be beat. Thought they’d be fun for the summer– leaning towards pink/yellow, but also loving the blue!

TWO // Needlepoint Tradition

Someone DMed me this heartwearming video of a groom being welcomed into the family with his own needlepoint stocking. Honestly, obsessed. Needlepoint stockings are such labors of love and it’s truly such a wonderful tradition! What a special thing to do for a new family member (and so cute to announce it at the wedding). I’m filing that one away for the future 🤣

THREE // Poolside Summer Candle

Every morning, I do a big tidy up of the house. (It’s crazy how messy everything can get in just a few hours…) When Jack is at school or daycare, it’s my favorite thing to do because I usually listen to an audiobook or podcast and just clean and tidy away. When I’m done, the very last thing I do is light a candle to set the mood for the day! I’ve burned through almost all of our candles– I’m down to the last little bit of one– and I’m brainstorming my next scent. I’m leaning toward’s this Poolside one– seems perfect for summer vibes.

FOUR // Bookhouse Hotel

I’m not quite ready to leave Rory right now, but that’s not stopping me from daydreaming about different trips I want to take… eventually. I came across this book themed hotel and thought it would be such a fun solo-trip or trip with a book-loving girlfriend. It’s only about a two hour drive from us, so it’d be an easy trip!

FIVE // USA Swimming x J. Crew

There have just been so many great collaborations hitting the fashion scene. This USA Swimming x J. Crew collection is awesome especially ahead of the Olympics this summer.  I love the sweatshirt and the vintage-inspired t-shirt, plus this borrowed-from-the-guys hat.

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My husband’s grandmother made me a stocking when we got married and last Christmas she made one for baby. It is a very sweet tradition.