I think there may be an unintentional theme with my Amazon purchases last month bubbles! Bubbles have been a big hit in the Riordan household lately. We are obsessed. Santa brought Jack a toddler-sized bubble leaf blower for Christmas, and he got the classic lawn mower for his birthday, so we’ve been playing outside with bubbles a lot. I’ve been testing bubbles and wands and included our faves in today’s post. Join us for a bubble summer!

Baby Sun Protection Hat // We love these sunhats for the boys! They have an adjustable fit with a drawstring tie and a breathable liner that keeps them cool and comfortable. They’re also machine washable, travel friendly, and most importantly, provide full coverage UPF 50+ protection.

Toddlers’ Fleece Crew Neck // This toddler navy fleece crewneck is so soft and cute, and it comes in a pack of 2 for $25.

Kids Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt // Stocked up on classic white cotton t-shirts for Jack this summer. This 10-pack of white cotton tees is a great toddler staple under $35.

Slide Sandals // Ordered these simple $30 slides for summer pool and pond days!

Faux Pearl Stud Earrings // These $5 pearl studs are made from stainless steel and are a great option to have on hand this summer for pool/beach days when you don’t want to wear your nice jewelry.

Giant Bubble Wands // We are obsessed with these giant bubble wands! They are so fun to play with and have provided endless entertainment so far this summer.

Giant Bubble Mix // This bubble concentrate is made to be mixed with water and dish soap and works perfectly with giant bubble wands.

Bubble Wand with Tray // Our favorite bubble wand/tray we’ve tried! We use it with the bubble solution concentrate linked below.

Bubble Solution Concentrate // We needed more bubbles the other weekend and placed an emergency pre-nap order and it arrived before our nap was over! The solution is concentrated, so you can experiment with water/bubble ratios for different effects!

Block Slide Heels // These Stuart Weitzman shoes must be discontinued, so they’re available for a great price! I will note, for what it’s worth, that I did not find the one review accurate and had to return for a half size smaller, even with my foot issues!

Goop Scalp Scrub // I use this Goop scalp scrub in place of shampoo once a week. It is incredible. It lathers up beautifully and leaves your scalp feeling crazy clean—the best feeling!

Comforter // Ordered Jack a new comforter that had great reviews and is under $25. It’s soft and warm but still lightweight making it perfect for summer.


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