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This whole week has been a blur. I have been feeling pretty out of sorts and just not completely myself. I don’t know if it’s jet lag or what. I also had pretty low blood pressure yesterday morning, and that certainly wasn’t helping. Hopefully, a mostly offline weekend will do the trick. Fingers are crossed.

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Before I get into the rest of the post, I have to share this gluten-free banana bread recipe that I found online. Baking gluten-free stresses me out because I’m never convinced that it will turn out right. This recipe had so many amazing reviews and comments that I decided to give it a try. (For the record, I eat a lot of gluten! But I’m seeing someone this weekend who is strictly GF.) It’s a one-bowl recipe, too, so minimal cleanup.

ONE // Cameron Bow Stretch Pants

These. Pants. Are. So. Cute. Nine times out of ten, when I’m buying for pants, I’m looking for function over anything else. These pants are the exception. I’m obsessed with the tuxedo stripe and, duh, THE BOW.

TWO // The Growth of Athleta

When I was in SF, I was invited to tour the Athleta headquarters. I’m obsessed with Athleta right now, so I was pretty pumped to see where it all goes down. Even though I love the brand, I didn’t know too much about the history behind it. This is a great article talking about one element of Athleta’s success: they don’t leave out any women. Whenever I get the catalog, I’m always inspired by the REAL athletes that they feature! It doesn’t matter what size or age you are.

THREE // Boiled Wool Monogrammed Tote

“I do not need another tote. I do not need another tote. I do not need another tote.” But…. ugh, this tote is so cute. Perfect for fall. (Actually, I’d bookmark this as a great gift idea for moms, hint hint girls!)

FOUR // Inspirational Personal Trainer

This man’s story moved me to tears. He woke up one morning with a disability and turned it into a positive by helping others. 

FIVE // “College Advice I Wish I Had Taken”

I read this article, written by a college professor, and couldn’t stop nodding. She shares super practical advice that every college student should really take note of. You feel like you have all the time in the world, but then those four years are over in a blink. Don’t waste it!

SIX // Bow Neck Sweater

One of my favorite sweaters from last year is back on J. Crew Factory right now. While you’re there, take a look around. So many cute things and everything is 40% off. I got this skirt (under $50!), this plaid shirt (only $32!), and these velvet jeans (under $50!).

SEVEN // Demi Lovato’s New Documentary

I can’t wait for this documentary about Demi Lovato. I love the way she’s used her platform to help people with mental illness. She had some rough moments but seems to have turned her life around for the better and helps others get through their own obstacles.

I just realized the whole documentary is available on Youtube!

EIGHT // Cardinal Shehan School Choir Singing “Rise Up”

Okay. Ending on the best note. Literally. This video of the Cardinal Shehan School Choir practicing (practicing… this is just a rehearsal!) “Rise Up” gave me chills. These kids have the purest kind of talent.

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Best, Isabella

VELVET JEANS???? You have to post how you style them. And please include how much dust and dirt they attract (if any)!

Also NEED that tote. Hope you are feeling better! I hate feeling like low blood sugar is taking over. Juice always helps!



Carly – I know you have wrote about in the past how you struggled with mental illness (e.g. anxiety). I do too and sometimes I too feel “off”. I feel like a lot of it has to do with or connects back to my mental illness. A retrospective post about how you specifically get through these “humps” – so to speak – would benefit me and maybe many others. Just food for thought! 🙂


Minimalist Baker is the BEST. She has so many delicious recipes that just happen to be GF and/or vegan.
Hope you have a restful weekend!

Sue Givens

I would like to point out that Athleta only goes up to 2X/Size 20 which is not that inclusive. Given that’s a fairly recent development, it’s encouraging, but they do not serve “all women.”


Planning on watching Demi’s documentary this weekend and having brunch with ladies from and group called Gals that Brunch!

Have a great weekend, Carly!


I’ll be heading off to college next year, and I just read the College Advice I Wish I’d Taken post…definitely will keep those things in mind!! I just watched the Demi Lovato documentary and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Speaking out about her mental illness/eating disorder is amazing and it really touched me!

Mia |

Jessica Ackley

I loved reading “The College Advice I wish I had Taken”. I graduate in December, and I’m already seeing things that I wish I had done differently earlier on in my college career.


I’m so happy to see your love for Athleta-I recently started working there in a holiday position (maybe staying on after, we’ll see…) and am obsessed! 🙂