Puppies on the Beach

Remember how I said it’s the best time of the year? It really and truly is. I’ve been trying to squeeze in trips to the dog park at least every other day (going first thing in the morning is my new jam). On the weekends though, I’ve been taking the pups to the beach as often as I can. They LOVE it, and I don’t even care if my car is coated in two inches of sand. (Seriously, sand is in every nook and cranny of my car right now.)

A couple of my friends have taken Metro North out of the city to play with us. They claim they want to see me, but we all know they’re adventuring out for the dogs.


Westport Connecticut

Even though I did a quick peek at some of these photos last week, I wanted to do a full post because the photos just make me smile too much. I hope you guys enjoy them even half as much as I did.

LL Bean Outfit

I’ve had this anorak in my coat closet for over a year. I’ve packed it for a few trips, but this is the first month where I’ve actually worn it. Why did it take me so long? I don’t know! I love it. It has an old-school vibe that’s just so much fun.

Even on warm days, it gets significantly cooler down by the water. A windbreaker is a must!

Bean Boots

When my friends come out, I always tell them to pack a pair of waterproof shoes for the beach. Bean Boots are always a solid choice.

(FYI Here’s a post with instructions on how I tie my laces!)

Teddy Toy Poodle Carly Heitlinger

A photo from when we first got to the beach. Aka my hair was still smooth, and the dogs were still fluffy!


Can you tell how much they love the beach? Free reign to run around like maniacs. Both Hamilton and Teddy will run right into the water to cool off.

Hamilton Maltipoo

Sandy noses! Carly Prepster Compo Beach LL Bean Anorak

Anorak // Striped Shirt // Jeans (c/o) // Bean Boots

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I adore this post. You are too cute and your dogs are to die for! I’m a new reader but have fallen in love with your blog and the way you offer readers an insight into your life. Manny x


I love these super natural, laid back photo shoots from you! I think women always underestimate how pretty they look with their hair a little wild and their makeup less done. You can see the happiness on your face. .


I love love love that windbreaker! I bought the same one a couple of weeks ago in the teal color and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. Cleaning sand out of the car is the worst, but so worth it for adorable pups like yours!

Hannah | The Swirl Blog


Life can’t get any better than playing with the two boys who know how to have real fun. It’s all about the pups.


Love that windbreaker! If you don’t mind me asking, what size did you get? I like how yours fits a little loose.


I love when you include Teddy and Ham in your blog posts, Carly! Can you do a post for people looking to become first-time dog owners?

Maria Cihlar

Beautiful post! May I ask what size of anorak you are wearing? I am looking at getting one but have heard mixed reviews on sizing (some saying it fits large, suggesting to size down). Thanks in advance 🙂