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HAPPY DECEMBER! December is, for sure, my favorite of the winter months. Plaid, holiday parties, and Christmas lights everywhere? The January hits and I’m ready for spring, ha. Decorations are already starting to pop up around here in Connecticut. Living for it!

While I was in Tampa, I popped into the Anthropologie store in Hyde Park, like, every other day. There’s something about it that gets me in the holiday spirit. (And they’re pros at making me want to purchase everything!) Great gifts right now too…

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // ASPCA Ornaments

This puppy ornament is so cute! A reader sent it to me because she thought it looked like Teddy and I completely agree. With every ornament purchased they donate $1 to the ASPCA too.

TWO // Tartan Ballet Flat

I wore these flats on my blog last week, and they were sold out. Just found them stocked in every size, so I wanted to pass it along to you in case you missed out on purchasing!

THREE // Ava Phillippe’s Debut

Ava Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon’s daughter, debuted in Paris. Reminds me of the episode of The Hills where Lauren Conrad declines to go to Paris with Teen Vogue. I loved Ava’s dress though– simply stunning!

FOUR // Bow Jeans

After lusting over these jeans with bows down the leg for a couple of months, I finally tried them on. I loved them, and then I looked at the price tag. Definitely out of my budget for a pair of jeans I can’t wear every day, but… I’m kind of thinking it’d be an easy and cute DIY.

FIVE // Anne Hathaway Bought a House in Westport

Owning a house in Westport is a dream of mine. Don’t think it will ever happen, but it’s still fun to look at Zillow now and then. My friends and I have all been pretty excited when we heard that Anne Hathaway bought a house in Westport. She’s right down from the beach I take the pups to in the winter!

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Love reading your blog everyday! We have similar style and anxiety too….I’ve learned a lot about myself. Enjoy daily meditation now. TY


Lol, #neverforget when LC turned down Paris. Also Ava is literally Reese Witherspoon’s mini me.

Kathleen Tiernan

When I found out Anne Hathaway bought a house in the town next to me I screamed! Last winter I ran into her at Terrain and was suspicious why she was in Westport!