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I almost want to make this first half of the post its own… but YOLO, let’s just make combine it into one.

– Let it be known that this was the week that I conquered the PATH! I’ve actually taken it a handful of times, but I’ve always been with someone else. So I pretty much have followed other people and never had to figure it out how to do it myself. My boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend (haha) and I got our nails done in the city together. It was my first time taking the PATH alone and I hadn’t needed to take it (thanks to Uber, my own car, and the ferries) yet. I don’t know why I was so nervous about it. It ended up being the easiest thing ever and then I proceeded to ride it every day. The allure of Hoboken’s proximity to the city is finally hitting me.

– One of my trips into the city was to go to the Vineyard Vines summer preview. We got a little taste of it while in the Bahamas, but saw even more of the collection. WOW. It’s good. They’re doing a lot of black for summer, which I am so into. Very classic. But of course, they also have their fun navy prints (hello sailboats!) coming up too.

– After the preview, I had a few meetings fall through and get moved due to the rain, so Mackenzie and I ducked into Laduree for some coffee and macarons. PS The photo below was taken on my iPhone X. I can’t say enough great things about the camera on that thing. Like, wow. I was extra and brought the macarons to the marble by the front window for better lighting– definitely worth it.

– Speaking of photography, I have been practicing with my camera every day. I was inspired by Kelly in the Bahamas to stop being intimidated by it and to just do it. Guys, I have watched probably 30-40 videos on Youtube over the years trying to teach myself how to do it. I always get confused and frustrated… or feel like I know what I’m doing only to forget it all the next day. I don’t know what magic words Kelly has, but she gave me some amazing tips and now I feel like I halfway know what I’m doing. (She’s toying with the idea of doing a photography course. I already told her I’d be her first testimonial!) I’m NOT good… but I am definitely on the path to learning. It feels really good to be practicing a new skill. Youtube has been great and I also signed up for Skillshare to take some of the classes they have to offer.

– And because I have no idea where else to include this… Easter was so fun. My boyfriend has a big family and I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of obsessed with all of them. I joke that their house at 10 am on a random Saturday morning is louder than my parent’s house has EVER been. Anyway, his oldest sister organized an Easter egg hunt. We each put in about $15 and then their mom hid all the eggs. Getting physical wasn’t only encouraged, it was kind of necessary. Technically speaking, I won (I seriously remain undefeated LOL) with $25 and four Hershey kisses. I love that everyone, despite being adults and some are even parents, still get into the traditions! Keeps things fun, you know.


Okay, here’s what has been on my radar:

ONE // Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat (you know how much I love him) just announced his new Youtube strategy. Super pumped about this. He has such a great platform and does his best to share amazingly creative people already– I think this next move is taking that to the absolute next level!

TWO // Lilly Pulitzer White Elephant Cottage

Two of my favorite things: Nantucket and Lilly Pulitzer. It’s a cottage at the White Elephant decked out in Lilly. Seriously, what could be better?  I was this close to booking a couple of nights towards the end of June, but backed out because I’m not 100% sure on my schedule yet. Definitely regretting that already.

THREE // Ellie Hart

I don’t know most of the people that I’m friends with on Facebook… they’re mostly blog readers. I see all kinds of updates on my feed and I generally have not a clue what is going on. But sometimes I catch something fun, like Ellie Hart’s blog post about moving to LA a year ago. I found it to be so inspiring as moving to a new place where you don’t have a concrete plan or know too many people sounds daunting. She took the challenge head on and it sounds like it paid off… I have a feeling you guys will be just as inspired as I was!

FOUR // ASICS x Liberty Floral

OMG, ASICS and Liberty Floral just realized a collection and… I’m obsessed. My workout clothing/shoe collection has grown to a size I never imagined it would. I would definitely rather buy new workout gear now over a cute dress. I know, I know… who am I?! Loving these Liberty Floral sneaks!

FIVE // New Podcast

My friend Grace launched a new Podcast!! I’m so impressed with it already. Of cours,e I love it because it discusses books– one of my favorite topics. Can’t wait for more episodes!!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

The photo is so good! The camera was the only reason I was tempted to get the iPhone 7+ when it first came out. And now with the iPhone X’s camera and compact size… it’s getting harder to resist! The first time I visited Laduree was in Paris this past summer (my first time in Paris too!) and my family and I were superrrr extra. Since I was traveling with family, we got so many pastries, and my parents especially love spoiling my brothers with food whilst traveling, because there’s not much else that gets them excited about getting out of the house. // So lovely to hear about your Easter! Sounds very wholesome haha. Wishing you a happy weekend! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I love photography and currently am trying to start a business. Something to possibly look into for you are photography meet-ups in the city. Or, workshops with instructors that help you for the entire class. My favorite instructor just did one in NY ( She mostly does architectural photography (also my passion) and teaches classes in Chicago at This studio also offers a free how to use your camera class every Sunday – if you’re in Chicago, I can’t recommend it enough! Good luck – the key really is practice, practice, practice! Have fun with it 😉


I just signed up for Skillshare too! I can’t wait to get started – there’s so many cool classes!


Love that you’re getting into photography! I’m starting to really love taking photos, so please share your tips as you learn them through your experience!