Workout Gear for Less

I have been kicking things back into full gear with my new trainer at my new gym. Feeling so motivated after a relatively slow workout month in March. It’s funny to see just how much I need to work out now… I don’t feel like myself when I skip a few days.

One thing that I am in desperate need of is sports bras. My collection has seen better days. I pulled one out of my drawer while rushing to get ready and the elastic just poof! stopped working.

Loving all these affordable workout picks. Lots of fun colors and cuts!

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The Frog Bra from Title Nine is THE BEST sports bra. My mom and I (C cup and beyond) both have three of the new version and I think she even still has one from ten years ago!! They’re a serious game changer.


I used to be soooo bad about sports bras and athletic clothes in general. I used to think that since I didn’t workout very much I shouldn’t spend money on it. Then I started Orangetheory about a year ago and realized all my sports bras were from high school. And not just senior year, like probably freshman year when I got serious into track, so circa 2006? Yep, pretty bad. So I’ve started waiting for when things go on sale at Lululemon and have bought 3 shirts, 4 sports bras, and 2 pairs of leggings that I love. So now I’m just slowly adding more in. But, I may still have those old sports bras tucked away just in case I workout more than I expect haha.


I just refreshed my sports bra wardrobe after resuming workouts after recovering from an injury and LOVE the Victoria’s Secret knockout (for higher-impact activities) and player (for yoga, pilates, etc.) bras! The prices aren’t bad and, as a 32DDD, I am very happy with the support.


A lot of these look like Outdoor Voices. Not thrilled to see brands like Gap/Old Navy/H&M ripping off designs from a women-owned business like OV.


Very curious about the h&m sports bras! Sad I don’t live near a store anymore. Would love to hear your thoughts if you try!