ON MY RADAR 9.24.22

This week was a bit tough as I pulled my back out!!! Jack is getting so heavy and I’ve been trying to be so good about engaging my core and it just took one time of lifting him out of the crib in a rush! Of course I didn’t do a good job of taking it easy and pulled it out again lifting him out of the pool after swim class. Note to self: listen to your body.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

Alice Walk Cotton Weekender + Mock Neck Sweater (both c/o)

ONE // How to Feed NYC’s Largest Middle School

Priya Krishna (remember her from Bon Appetit Test Kitchen videos?) did a great video for NYT Cooking about the women who prepare and serve food for NYC’s largest middle school. I hope to see more of these types of videos in the future. Sure, it’s great to learn about fancy restaurants in exotic locations, but they’re doing important work feeding these kids! (And omg it seems like a lot to juggle!!!)

TWO // Diane Keaton for J. Crew

Did you see who is part of J. Crew’s fall campaign? Diane Keaton!! What a perfect match. Quite literally an iconic partnership. I’m excited to see what else they’ll do together. Hoping for some fun photos and videos for social.

THREE // Draper James Utility Dress

So I’ve been loving the utility trend, but I just can’t pull off a jumpsuit. (I’ve tried a few times and it just isn’t me.) I’m loving Draper James’ take on the trend though. A dress! Now that I can handle! (Also, while I haven’t personally tried it yet, it does seem to be nursing friendly too if you’re breastfeeding.)

FOUR // DIY Grasscloth Console

Clare Sullivan is a DIY genius!!! She has a budget luxury series on TikTok and just did her own grasscloth console. It’s impressive and downright genius. (Now I think I need this peel and stick grasscloth for something!) PS if you’re not following Clare yet, you need to ASAP. I looooove her content.

FIVE // Mini Apple Butter Pop Tarts

‘Tis the season for all the apple baking!! These mini pop tarts not only look delicious, they’re also vegan and gluten free! They seem like such a fun treat to make on a cozy fall afternoon…. saving this one.

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