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Hello Friday! I don’t know if it’s something that happens in other parts of the country, but Fridays in/around NYC are dubbed “Summer Fridays” and things shut down early for the weekend. We kind of did this at my old job, but I know some of my friends have the entire afternoon off or they’re allowed to work remotely. Even though I work for myself and largely create my own schedule, I do work with a ton of people who work in the city. So I basically don’t get emails on Fridays… responses are slow if they come at all.

June is generally my slowest month (the whole year reallllllly kicks off for me after the Fourth of July), so I just embrace the slowness and enjoy the longer weekends while I can!

Before we get into the post, I just wanted to share a quick thank you for all the views and comments on Wednesday’s post about making friends! I had so many fun friend “dates” this week and the post (and comments!) reinspired me to put myself out there in the friend department.

Emma Kelly in the City

Speaking of friends, Kelly was in NYC with her family so we got together for a midweek brunch. Meeting Emma made my week– she’s such a cute toddler!

Here’s what was on my radar this week. (It’s kind of themed, haha! A movie, two tv shows, and a new book!)

ONE // The Bold Type

The Bold Type was my favorite show last year and I AM SO HAPPY that it is back on the air. The second season kicked off this week and, wow, it’s already off to a great start. Highly recommend making this your “summer show.”

TWO // The Creative Curve

My friend Allen’s book just released this week! He’s a crazy talented guy and I’m always inspired and impressed by everything that he does. I watched one of his lectures that turned into the framework for the book and I can attest that it’s super interesting. Basically, he shows how anyone can be creative… it’s not just something that you’re born with.

THREE // The Year of Spectacular Men

Carolyn and I went to the premiere of this movie and I thought it was great. I typically like indie films, but sometimes they’re a little too out there. This one was poignant, relevant, and relatable through and through. It was written by Maddie Deutch, produced by Zoey Deutch, and directed by Lea Thompson. The best part? They star in the show as well and they’re mother/daughters/sisters in real life. As a result, the on-air chemistry was SO GOOD.

FOUR // Anne with an E: Season 2

The trailer for the second season of Anne with an E (based on Anne of Green Gables) just released. I freaking loved the first season… it was so beautifully shot and directed that you could watch it just for the visuals. (Although I still think the story/plot is good too!) Can’t wait for the second season.

FIVE // Sportsmanship at its finest

This video of a high school championship gutted me. The pitcher and batter are childhood best friends and so you know one of them is going to be on the winning team, and the other on the losing team. What happens when the game is over though is when the magic happens. 

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Biby Chacon

I am also excited to see Season 2 of Anne with an E. I read the books when I was younger and thought season 1 was so good!

Since we’re on the topics of movies – I recommend Oceans 8. I wasn’t very into the “Oceans” movies but I gave this one a chance since it had all of my favorite female actresses and in the end I really enjoyed it!!


If you love Anne of Green Gables, you should try and visit Prince Edward Island sometime in the summertime and visit her house there. It’s beautiful and I remember going often with my parents as a kid. It’s lovely and very quaint. I think you would appreciate!


Love Anne with an E! Excited to hear it’s coming back soon.
Where is your dress from in this post pic. with Emma?
Happy Friday!

Allison Kmiecik

I LOVE The Bold Type! Seriously such a fun and empowering show. I was hesitant when starting it that it would be another “girl v girl” petty Gossip Girl type show but I’ve been nothing but impressed. Funny too!


I loved the Bold Type. So good and so bad in the best way. I heard the premiere is 2 hours!!! My hubby is away tonight and I have a hot date with this show 🙂

An Historian

I started watching the Bold Type on your recommendation lately, and it’s been a great distraction! I love that it is fun and entertaining, but still has some gravitas and weight to it. It’s too bad that the seasons are so short, though!

I can’t bring myself to watch the new Anne series 🙁 As a Canadian who grew up with Megan Follows’ Anne, I can’t get into any other versions. However, I do a yearly re-read of the Anne series and I always find something new to love 🙂


Have you watched the show Younger? It’s about a woman who’s 40 who pretends to be 26 after being out of work for 15 years raising her daughter. It’ kind of a mix of all the best parts of Sex in the City, The Devil Wears Prada, and Girls, AND Hillary Duff is in it. (The first four seasons are on Hulu). The Bold Type looks kind of similar, I’ll have to check it out!