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I have had Amazon Prime since I was in college and I have remained a member ever since. There have been years where I didn’t utilize it enough, but now that I’m in Hoboken, I find myself placing orders all the time. One thing I really miss about Connecticut was being able to easily drive to the store, load up all the groceries, and easily unpack everything. Just getting my car out of the garage where I rent a space– who turned out to be a CP reader, hi Kimmy!– is a journey in and of itself.

Sometimes I think that Amazon makes it too easy to shop. Here are some things I have recently purchased or frequently buy:


Zen and the Art of Happiness // This is one of my all-time favorite books. My sister discovered it, then my mom picked it up, and then I read it. We all loved it and frequently bring up some of the sentiments. It’s a small book, and a quick read, so I tend to buy it for gifts! Giving gifts– particularly if they’re books– is my love language!

Edge Brownie Pan // I completely forgot that I had purchased this, but found it as I went through my recent orders while making this post! I was chatting with someone about brownies and we got into a debate about what’s the best part. She only likes the edge pieces and I told her she needed this pan. It was an instant purchase!

Steamer // I use a steamer a few times a day. I hate wrinkles as much as I hate ironing. (Actually, I don’t mind ironing so much, it’s the setting up the ironing board that I hate!) Steaming is the best thing ever. I have cycled through a bunch of steamers, but this is the one that I have been using the most often, especially when I’m home.

Reusable Straws // So I actually purchased another pack of straws and the seller randomly canceled the order. I just purchased this pack as a replacement! I’m trying to figure out what kind of straw works best for me. I’ve been just skipping a straw all together, but sometimes I really do want one and I’ve been doing my best to skip plastic.

Retro Spinner Suitcase // I don’t have this (yet), but I have been eyeing these suitcases. They’re significantly cheaper than the Steamline suitcases that you might have seen all over the internet. Personally, I don’t want to have to handle my luggage with kid gloves and I would definitely feel more comfortable lugging a cheaper bag through airports and tossing it into the back of my car! Maybe I’ll get one for summer travels and report back 😉

Calm Magnesium Supplement // This magnesium supplement is delicious. I had been drinking the regular version, but honestly, the watermelon is a 1,000x better. It has replaced my afternoon coffee habit and I start looking forward to it pretty much immediately after lunch. I get the one that also helps relieve sore muscles, but it comes in a regular formula (watermelon flavored) too.

Natural Deodorant // If you follow my Instagram stories, then you know that I recently made the switch to natural deodorant. I’m three weeks into the journey and it hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting. It’s actually been totally fine. (Longer post coming as I complete more time!!) This deodorant has been a great replacement.

Citronella Candles // This has been my FAVORITE Amazon find so far. I was desperate for citronella candles because the mosquitos in our backyard are downright ruthless. While searching for some giant ones, I found these gorgeous blue and white ones! I bought a bunch and have been handing them out like candy to my friends. Seriously they look like a candle you’d buy at Anthropologie!

Olly Multivitamins // I am constantly reordering these. The bottle is supposed to last 45 days… and I couldn’t figure out why they were disappearing. Apparently, my boyfriend started taking them too and when friends come over, they pop into the pantry to grab one or two as well. As a result, every few weeks I need to reorder!

Bed of Nails // Whenever I post this on Instagram, I get a gazillion questions. It’s an acupressure mat that helps to relieve tension. I keep one in my office and stand on it for a few minutes every day. It’s the first thing I do when I take off shoes that I’ve been wearing for a while and after workouts.

Brita Filter // I’ve had the same Brita filter for years and it recently bit the dust. The refrigerator always seemed to have water on one of the shelves and I could not, for the life of me, figure out where it was coming from. Apparently the pitcher had a slight crack so it was verrrrrrry slowly leaking.

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Hannah J Simpson

That steamer has changed my life. I not only use it at home, but it’s crucial for work trips too!


The edge brownie pan is genius! My life is about to be changed forever 🙂


Hi Carly, I actually bought this pink suitcase for my honeymoon. I love it! Sadly, I didn’t know that US carry on sizes are much larger than in other countries, so I was not able to bring it on any of the planes we traveled on (even though it was smaller than a lot of the carry-ons we ended up seeing on the plane.) It got pretty beat up during our travels. I’m going to put a new one on my Christmas list thought because this is a great steamer trunk for road trips and local travel. It is not only cute, but also very functional.