Summer Spirit

If fall lasted longer than two weeks, it would be my favorite season. There really are only a handful of days that are perfectly crisp, where the evening sun hangs on for a few extra minutes, and the leaves are gold but still have life in them. But since fall’s so fleeting, I think I have to say that summer wins for my favorite season.

Although with that said, summer does seem to fly by in a blink of an eye. It’s only gotten worse as I’ve grown older. I remember the summer months stretching out in front of me, even as a high schooler. Pure freedom!

Summer is harder to grab a hold of now that I have actual responsibilities, but it still is such a fun time of the year. I made a pact with myself to be a little selfish this June (the slowest month of the year for my business)– and to not feel guilty about it. I booked two trips with friends (I just went to Charleston and I’m heading to Nantucket later this week). I sat on the couch one Sunday afternoon and watched so much Netflix. I’m trying to read a bit more, eat extra scoops of ice cream, and just generally slow down.

When you don’t have a fixed income, and when that income is heavily weighted for one specific quarter of the year, it can feel stressful when you’re in a slow month. But, I’ve been doing this for ten years, and I know that it’s just the natural shape of the curve. So I’ll embrace the time and let myself relish these slower summer days while I have them!

Carly Heitlinger

In the spirit of summer, I had to get this outfit up in time for the Fourth of July! I immediately purchased this dress after my friend Mackenzie posted about it and it’s literally the cutest. I wore it out to dinner while in Charleston and I’ve worn it around town with flats. Love how breezy it is and the bows at the shoulders sealed the deal for me.

Navy Bow Dress

Carly the Prepster

The tote was a gift from Isabel Harvey during my last Nantucket trip.  It’s such a fun, bold tote. It has a drawstring top so it’d be just as great to bring down the beach and you could still keep all of your belongings sand-free. (It’s not listed on their website so you could contact them to see if they still have more in stock… And I found a few offered on Amazon.)

American Flag Tote

Dress // Espadrilles (order 1/2 size down, they stretch out!) // Tote (c/o Isabel Harvey) // Similar Necklace // Similar Bracelet

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