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Well hello there Friday! Last weekend I was supposed to be on Nantucket, but we had to postpone our trip. I ended up going down the shore with my boyfriend’s family and it was just a nice and low-key couple of days. I wasn’t totally feeling like myself for various reasons, so it was just nice to have a change of scenery and distractions. (He has a bunch of siblings so there is always something going on.)

We got back early, early Sunday morning and, since I had no plans, I decided to embrace the free day. I went to a 10:30 am movie by myself which was both super weird and perfect. Has anyone else done that?!

Sex and the City

I had to include this photo of my friend Rach and me! She does a series on her Instagram where she recreates famous characters. When she asked if I wanted to be Charlotte from SATC, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. It was a super fun shoot, despite a constant drizzle/rain. I bought my shoes and dress from Poshmark and ThredUP. Aren’t the white bow kitten heels as Charlotte as it gets?!

Okay, here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Popsockets

I can’t believe that it took me so long to get on the Popsocket train. Like… where have these little things been all my life. I randomly got one and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. It makes holding a phone so much easier. I thought it would take some time to get used to, but honestly, it felt completely natural within seconds of putting it on. I had a ton of questions about where I got mine– I found it in Francesca’s but you can probably find them just about everywhere!

TWO // Sharp Objects on HBO

I read Sharp Objects years ago. I loved the book and was so excited to see that they made it into a mini-series on HBO. It looks so good… and freaky! Who else will be watching?!

THREE // Birdies Slippers

Julia did a sponsored post with Birdies at her sister’s bridal shower. As a guest, I received a pair too. Ummm, I’m obsessed. I am a huge slipper kind of girl and basically live in my LL Bean Wicked Good Slippers. But they can get hot for the summer. I love how pretty and feminine the Birdie slippers are, and they look more like shoes than slippers without losing any of the comfort. They are definitely a little bit expensive, but they are totally worth the price if you wear slippers a lot at home!

FOUR // The Summer Edit

Juniper Books (the brilliant brand behind the books with beautiful covers!) reached out to me about their summer edit collection. The three books are gorgeous and I can’t wait to a) read them and b) display them in my apartment. Decorating with books is my favorite! (The books are part of the collab for QuarterLane, a quarterly subscription for books… such a great gift idea!)

FIVE // Wrap Skirt

I don’t know how I missed this skirt when I wrote this post from earlier this week. I was saying how I wanted to buy it in every print and color, and it turns out that it is available in two more colors: navy and coral! Plus it’s 40% off right now! Woo!

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supal // @chevronseclairs

When I first moved to London and literally had ZERO friends, I would go to the movies once a week on my own. It actually was quite nice and eventually made a friend (a girl who sat in my row at one of the films on her own).

Daphné Moreau

Oh I didn’t know HBO made Sharp Objects into a mini-series ! I read the book a few ago and loved it so much ! I’m going to start the series in July ! Thank you 🙂


Going to the movies by myself is such a guilty pleasure for me! Especially for those movies that you just really want to see and can’t be bothered to convince your friends they also want to see it. Also, I love my pop socket. I was an early adapter and I used to get so many questions about it – now it seems everyone has one! Happy Friday!


I was cleaning out my office last week and found a popsocket in small bag of swag. I put it on and immediately got so used to it that when it broke a few days later my hands missed it terribly. We are in Tampa for a visit with my family. I set my DVR to tape Sharp Objects. Today I’m headed to Boaters Republic (have you been their yet?), Pink Palm (must have their Florida swim shirt they posted last week and my monogrammed Lilly agenda), and International. I’ll be on the lookout for a cute new popsocket and hopefully a new sticker for my Yeti.