Well this was quite the week! I took the weekend off of work, which was so needed… but I kind of paid the price this week. Things have just been crazy. I’m grateful– very grateful– but really struggling to do it all. (Note: I’m not doing it all 🤣) I had a pretty intense Monday-Wednesday. I was drained and feeling the beginnings of burn out so I decided to make Thursday a “mom and Jack day” since Mike was in the office for the day. Somehow squeezed it all in between naps: multiple walks, floor time, even a trip to the park!

A fun little press mailer from dae! Can’t wait to try the styling cream especially!

ONE // Minnow Swim x Petite Plume

Minnow does it again. I absolutely love all things Minnow– especially now with a little boy, oh I could just scoop up every pair of board shorts for him!!! I really need to stop, but I can’t seem to. The Petite Plume collection is so cute. LOVE the block print. I want to order the women’s swim suit and the little navy shorts for Jack.

TWO // Emma Chamberlain and Claire Saffitz

Speaking of killer collaborations, two of my favorite Youtubers did a video together. Emma Chamberlain and Claire Saffitz!! They made breadsticks and, wow, they look delicious. Can’t say I’ve ever been inclined to make my own breadsticks before. And, honestly, I can’t say i’ll actually make them, but I did love watching the video!

THREE // Pretty Planters

Our backyard could use a little… sprucing up. I think ideally, we’d want to do a whole overhaul of the landscaping, but for now we’re working with it! It’s charming in a way (that’s what I keep telling myself 🤪). Anyway, maybe adding some pretty potted plants would make the patio a bit more inviting. How beautiful are these? I can’t even begin to pick a favorite.

FOUR // Coastal Grandmother Playlist

Loved hearing about how much the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic resonated with you guys, too. I wanted to highlight that there’s even a playlist on Spotify if you want to take the trend to the next level.

FIVE // Mini Magazine

Mini Magazine did a little interview with me for their spring issue. I loved flipping through the digital magazine and reading all the features. My “on the clock” feature is right in between two other moms I really admire: Amber Fillerup (the cover girl) and Sam Varvel!

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