DIARY No. 73

Here’s a peek at my camera roll from the last couple of weeks:

Sam and I went to Central Park last week for a little spring adventure. We’ve been waiting and waiting for good weather and it’s finally here!! We had so much fun taking photos together and getting our babies together again (it’s so cute to watch them interact). A bunch of people started taking photos of us… so I won’t be surprised if they end up on some influencers in the wild account 🆘.

This whole food thing is… hard. It’s FUN (a lot more fun than I expected it to be), but it’s so much work!! I try really hard to just let him go and make a mess and eat away. I will say, it’s gotten “easier” as he’s getting the hang of things because I don’t feel like the food is being wasted. Sometimes I’d get frustrated preparing the meal and then cleaning it up when not much actually was consumed. Even though it’s all part of the process. It’s paying off because it’s working though!

Okay we made the Half Baked Harvest crinkle top brownies. Our friend had made them for us and they were so good and Mike requested them for when we had friends spend the night. 10/10 recommend. Make them– you won’t regret it!!

Back to Nature dropped off a very, very sweet gift basket Easter weekend. It was so thoughtful. If you haven’t been to their store and you’re local (~Basking Ridge), you need to go!!!

We had a beautiful evening with friends over in our backyard. We did a big charcuterie board and Mike shucked oysters. The kids played in the grass and we just had a a great time!! Have I mentioned how happy I am that spring is here 🤣 Beyond the warm weather, I just love that there’s still light out and everything!

Jack’s final Easter basket! I added in a couple of last minute additions like this Minnow swim suit and a bubble maker.

We hosted people three days in a row (friends on Friday, Mike’s parents on Saturday, Mike’s fam on Sunday for Easter). It was really fun– honestly, the pandemic changed me in that I can’t believe I’m this welcoming of so much socializing!! After everyone left on Sunday though, I put Jack down for a long nap and Mike took one upstairs too… and I cleaned. Felt so good to end the weekend with a pristine house. Kind of the best of both worlds– we got to see everyone and have a super fresh start on Monday morning. (Yes, we’re missing a lightbulb and I still want to switch out that light fixture, but it’s very low on my priority list right now, ha.)

I got a new shirt from Amazon– kind of like an AYR “dupe.” Definitely size up if you want more of an oversized fit and want to wear it untucked.

Oh, and I found a bucket hat that I actually love!!!

I took Jack on a walk to run an errand instead of driving there and he fell asleep on the way home… so I ducked into Sunday Motor for a coffee and a snack. He slept the whole time… I got to read even!!! Felt like such a “stolen moment.”

I’ve loved every stage of infancy so far, but there is something magical about eight months!!!

Mike and I spontaneously decided to go out for a little pre-bedtime happy hour. We tried a new local wine bar (Madison Market if you’re local) and really enjoyed it! Great food, great wine list if you’re into wine, and a nice ambience.

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I love the little glimpse into your day to day. Jack is getting so big. Have a great weekend!


Gosh, Carly, you’re just glowing! That photo of you and Jack close-up is so beautiful. Love this round-up of life lately! I agree with you that there is something so magical about spring and lighter evenings and eating al fresco…just so wonderful.


I have similar light fixtures to the ones in your kitchen. They are so hard to keep clean.


Eight months is *such* a wonderful age, so much laughter and happiness! I swear it only gets better from there as well.