On My Radar (Boston Meet and Greet This Week)

This week has been so gloomy with rain! Between the grey skies and sadly having to come back from Charleston, I just didn’t really feel like doing anything. Such a blah-week. I’m shocked I even got stuff down with my lousy attitude. The only thing getting me through the week is my BOSTON trip this weekend– would love to meet you!
I do think a good batch of chocolate chip cookies can solve a lot of problems. (Here is my family’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe– it’s the best!) It takes much longer to make them here than at home in Tampa because I can only do one mini tray at a time, but it’s definitely worth it in the end! (My mom still makes them better though…)
I miss him so much when I’m out of town… even if he’s naughty.  Teddy can jump extremely high; basically nothing is safe, including this heel of bread.
(I know, he’s outgrown his coat!!! We need to order a new one for him, but it does protect most of his fur still. Whoops.)
Onto what’s on my radar… kicking it off with more puppies!
ONE // Tiny Puppies

After going through the puppy stages with Teddy, I know first hand why puppies are so cute: otherwise you’ll pull your hair out. These little guys (and gals) are the cutest things on the internet. It’s official. The photos of the big pups with the tiny puppies just melt my heart! (Oh, and the GIF of the french bulldog jumping off the couch to his dad…. I can’t take it.)

TWO // Halloween Makeup

I’m not a costume person. I can pull something together if I have to, but I’d rather not wear a costume. However, I have to admit that this Youtube video was mesmerizing. I couldn’t stop watching it once she got going. Apparently, it’s the number one viewed Halloween makeup tutorial. I would sooner go to the dentist than paint glitter onto my face, but it’s incredible what she’s able to do!! She also has a Kylie Jenner tutorial…. it’s so spot on.

THREE // 22 Ways to Annoy Your Type A Friends

I was cringing almost immediately while I was scrolling through this Buzzfeed post. The KitKat bar, the iPhone, the messy desktop, the participation award… the table with the flipped bench. Oh gosh. It’s very spot on.

FOUR // Youtuber Kevin Droniak & Grandma

Hands down the funniest videos I’ve seen on Youtube. They’re funny and the grandma’s reactions are priceless, but I will say, I love that they’re spending quality time together! It’s sweet! But again, the videos are so so so funny.

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FIVE // Kate Spade Nylon Bags

Don’t get me wrong. I love a bright colored bag as much as the next girl. Kate Spade just brought back their classic nylon bags… you know, the ones that put Kate Spade on the map back in the early 90s. They’re better than ever! The weekender bagthe laptop bag, and the backpack are topping my list of favorites!

What’s on your radar this week?


PS How awesome is this app?! I’m definitely a math person and I love that you can walk yourself through the steps on how to solve a problem. Used responsibly and you can teach yourself how to get through the various steps of solving problems. Perfect if you get stuck half-way through and need a nudge!

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