As you read this, we are settling into our family vacation. (I’m writing this before we leave so I can be a little ahead and I’m hoping we are having a great time 😉.) This has been a short week for internet/social browsing between packing, my sister being in town, and then trying to cram shooting for last minute campaigns… but here’s what’s been on my radar:

ONE // Hill House Office Tour

Obsessed with the Hill House office. The Glam Pad has all the photos and all the details. It’s a vibe for sure… the wallpaper!!! I love that it’s both maximalist with the bold wallpaper and upholstery choices but also a bit minimalist. The perfect balance!

TWO // The Perfect Nude Thong

So I am a little psychotic about my underwear choices 😆 Once I find a style I like, it’s all I have. I always do half in nude and half in black and that’s it. It’s such a simple thing but it means every pair is “good” and I don’t have to make any decision between nude or black for the day. Done. The style I usually buy has been sold out and I have been on the hunt looking for replacements. I ended up trying a pair from Skims and…. it’s amazing. HIGHLY recommend. And I love that they have a full range of nudes to match every skin tone. (I struggle with finding a nude that’s pale enough and the color “sand” is a perfect match!)

THREE // 10 Things I Hate About You Proposal

10 Things I Hate About You is my favorite movie– I seriously watch it at least once a week. (I put it on my phone while I’m falling asleep!) It’s just perfect as far as I’m concerned. When I was scrolling through TikTok and spotted this 10 Things I Hate About You inspired proposal I nearly died. IT IS SO GOOD. Bravo, sir, bravo!!!!!!

FOUR // Self-Finishing Needlepoint Tray

Okay deeply inspired to do this super easy self-finishing needlepoint tray! I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for unique needlepoint finishing ideas and I LOVE this one. I’m working on a stocking right now that’s taking forever… but maybe this is my next project?!

FIVE // J. Crew New Arrivals

Before our trip, I popped into our J. Crew to pick up a few things. So many fun pieces for summer…. Can’t choose favorites! I got this navy and white midi dress and this puff sleeve shirt– both so cute for summer.

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Right. That self finishing needlepoint tray is such a winner – thanks for sharing!


The Hill House office is a vibe and it made me want to buy one of their pieces 🙂 side note: I have the same style office chair they used in the design and LOVE it!