DIARY No. 76

Here’s another Diary post featuring a handful of fun photos over the past twoish weeks…

I am absolutely loving my new kindle. I am going to do a longer post about it, but thank you to everyone who encouraged me to get one. I keep thinking, “What took me so long!”

Jack celebrated his cousin Olivia’s third birthday! We were a little late due to our afternoon nap schedule, but let’s just say he had a blast playing with big kids and eating pizza crust 😉

Speaking of Jack, he is growing up so much. Just insane. I remember setting up his nursery and feeling like we had all the time in the world to baby proof. And, well, here we are. Jack is into absolutely everything he can get his hands on.


Made these little spinach muffins to have on hand for snacks. We’re trying to do three meals a day plus snacks for Jack as we approach his first birthday. Meals have been relatively straightforward, but I kept coming up blank with ideas for snacks. They freeze great too, so an easy thing to make a big batch of.

Met up with Elsa for lunch at Sunday Motor. Always love getting to catch up with her!!

And we have been spending so much time at Noe pond. Between naps. Before dinner. On the weekends. The best!!! Love having a great family-friendly place to hang out with neighbors.

Madison is in FULL BLOOM. I don’t remember prior years being this vibrant. We had a great showing of spring blooms and they’re usually my favorite… but I have to say, the summer flowers right now are next level.

Grateful for warm, lovely afternoons outdoors. The walker is a hand-me-down from his cousins (and it’s a hit, wow, I don’t think he’s loved any toy as much) and here’s his sun hat.

Slow and steady progress on my needlepoint stocking!! I have been doing the white background for what feels like forever. Can’t wait to start doing all the fun details. (It’s Riley Sheehey x Plum Stitchery– your LNS should be able to order it for you.)

Aunt Stacy is in town!!! She was in NYC for a friend’s birthday and it worked out perfectly timing wise for her to join us on Nantucket for a few days. She helped me drive the baby and dogs since Mike still had to work.

One last evening in town before we headed out on the roadtrip. Tried to get as much of the dogs’ energy out before having to be in the car for so long. Tired dogs are happy dogs!

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I love these posts but my favorite moment here is you getting a kindle and loving it!


Looking absolutely lovely as always and particularly loving your Nantucket posts! May I ask where your earrings are from?


Glad you’re loving your Kindle! Just a tip – I added a PopSocket to the back of mine and it makes 1-handed reading so easy!


I don’t have a kindle but my dad does and swears by it. As for me, I am torn. I don’t want to spend any more time on the screen so I prefer books. Plus I love the feel of them. Is that crazy? On another note, Jack is growing up right before my eyes. Crazy that he is already standing and getting his hands on everything! Soak it up for sure because these moments are truly fleeting.

Maureen |


Needlepoint stockings are on my long-term craft list! Is that a picture of the backside? If not, can you tell me what the technique is for leaving the ends loose on the front? I tie knots on the back, but I wonder if they’re too bulky. Thanks!