Jack and I are heading to Florida today after a couple of days in Charleston. Even though this isn’t a very long trip at all, it has felt like a genuine vacation!! So happy we were able to escape the snow for a bit.

Here’s what has been on my radar:

ONE // Humans of New York

I love when Humans of New York does long form Instagrams. His latest story unfolds over 13 Instagram photos and captions. It’s an equally heartbreaking and inspiring story about a mother who left an abusive relationship. It’s pretty intense, but you’ll be really rooting for her (and her children) by the end!

TWO // Nest Fragrances Rattan Collection

Nest Fragrances sent me their rattan collection last week and it was too good not to share with you guys. Such fun scents and the rattan is genius. Plus when the candle is gone you can repurpose the cane holder for something else. (I thought they’d be beautiful planters for an orchid!) The cedar leaf and lavender diffuser is my favorite!

THREE // Extreme $350 Small Bathroom Makeover

I am obsessed with Lone Fox on Youtube. He is insanely talented and I’m always impressed with what he’s able to do. (He makes things look easy, but I know that in reality I could never attempt to do it myself.) This renter friendly bathroom makeover is both budget friendly and stunning. Just wait until the end!!!!

FOUR // Texture Spray

Last week I purchased this texture spray and so far, I am loving it. I wanted something that would give my hair a little more “hold,” and this is doing the trick! I also just love the way Living Proof smells. The added volume is also a nice bonus.

FIVE // “A New Era”

This cartoon from The New Yorker cracked. me. up. I feel like a lot of you guys can appreciate it too. Spot on, spot on.

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