My cup is so filled after this past week. Just so happy to have seen so many friends, spent time with family, enjoyed good weather. We are in the thick of teething, but we are just trying to take life one nap time at a time. Luckily, we’ve been able to spend so much time outside with good weather. I am getting my STEPS in.

Okay, here is what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Old Navy “Fashion for the Family”

Someone DMed this to me on Instagram, but Old Navy has an entire section on their website with matching and coordinating outfits for the family. Such a cute idea and everything looks great together without being overly matchy. Great for family vacations and group photos! Anyway, check it out!

TWO // Personal Photo Curator

Another thing that was sent to me via DM! After I talked about how many photos and videos I had on my phone, someone emailed me about this woman who is a personal photo curator. Honestly, while it sounds insane, it also sounds genius. She pores through family’s photos and selects the very best ones that will stand the test of time. I know that sounds insane, but I know in our family we have “favorite” photos of my sister and me as kids and babies. Her job is to go through everything and look for “something in a picture that touches the viewer, even if it’s indescribable.”

THREE // Linen Mules

I love my Margaux flats. I’m about to do a pretty intense shoe clean out in my closet. (I have too many shoes!) I’m trying so hard to resist adding new pairs into my wardrobe, but I might not be able to resist these linen loafers from Margaux. I know they will be comfortable and the shade blue is absolutely perfect. I think they’d be darling summer staples.

FOUR // Blueberry Vanilla Crunch Muffins

I love blueberry muffins. I try to avoid muffins. (Because I’d rather have a piece of cake….) And I usually find muffins to be very “miss” and not too often “hit.” But blueberry muffins, when they’re good, are hard to beat. These Bakery Blueberry Vanilla Crunch muffins look delicious. The next slow weekend morning we have, I want to make these!

FIVE // Weezie Hair Towel

When I saw these new hair towels from Weezie, I quickly added one to my cart. Priced so great, I love the design, and (of course) I personalized mine with my name. I cannot wait for mine to arrive. I have a feeling it’ll become a go-to gift for me to give too. Can’t wait to pair mine with my matching short sleeve robe

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