This week was a really nice one for us. Beautiful weather, time with friends, all of Jack’s activities. The leaves are starting to bud here and the grass is coming back out of dormancy and I swear the entire town is doing the same, too. Everyone is out and our downtown is buzzing again with energy. I love it!!

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Going Gray Is Hot for Spring!

This is the clip from Good Morning America I was in earlier this week. Such a fun experience. GMA wanted to use a TikTok clip of mine and then when a model fell through, they asked if I could come in last minute! I couldn’t say no! I am happy to see gray being embraced– even celebrated– more though! Hoping more and more women make the decision to “go gray!”

TWO // Monogrammed Dinner Plates

I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to plates. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get enough of them… even though we typically use our normal dish wear every night! I have to tell remind myself that we are not throwing elaborate dinner parties on a weekly basis. We’re good on plates. But these monogrammed ones are stunning!

THREE // The Baby-Sitters Club Wasn’t Enough for Netflix Anymore

After loving the two seasons of The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix, I was so disappointed to hear the news that the series was not renewed. This interview was great. I think it was a fair assessment of why the show was so beloved and what made is special; and also what might have gone “wrong” for it.

FOUR // Serena & Lily New Arrivals

Have you seen Serena and Lily’s New Arrivals?? For a while there things were beautiful but a little more California Boho than my personal preferences. This latest collection feels more timeless and classic. I have no space to decorate, ha, so for now I’ll just window shop! I’m obsessed with the crib, this “vintage” inspired lawn chaise, and this splurge worthy chair!

FIVE // Harry Potter Music & Ambience “Dumbledore’s Office”

My friend Victoria shared this Youtube video on her Instagram Story earlier this week. It’s an eight hour soundtrack ambient background noise as if you’re working in Dumbledore’s Office. How fun is that? Turns out there are many different sounds, like a Hogwarts Classroom and a Hufflepuff Common Room. Bookmarking this!

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Carly, thank you so much for embracing your gray and talking about graying at a young age! I’m 26 and started getting a few grays last year. They weren’t visible with my blonde highlights, but now that I’m back to brunette, they’re more obvious.

Having someone like you be vocal about it has definitely made me okay with, if not excited, to see my hair change!

Kiersten Hickman

Oh, I’ve been super into ambiance music while I work (like the coffee shop ones) and these Hogwarts ones are perfect. Also, you looked stunning on GMA!


My aunt – who is #GrayHairGoals – is an avid GMA watcher and excitedly mentioned the segment to me! I of course bragged that “my friend” Carly was featured in it!