DIARY No. 71

Just sharing some happy photos from my camera roll over the past few weeks! Lots of fun things have been happening lately and I just feel like my cup is full!

My hair is growing back out nicely from the cut I got around the holidays. I’m contemplating going shorter again, but in the meantime I’ve rediscovered my curling wand. I hadn’t used it in ages and I forgot how much I love the waves and bounce it gives.

Jack started his “gymnastics” class a few weeks ago and it’s so cute. He loves the activities (especially the parachute) and the songs and the other babies. A highlight of our week for sure.

Packing for a trip with a baby is not fun. Well, the outfit planning is kind of fun, but remembering everything else? Not so fun.

Our Charleston trip was so lovely. It was very short (48 hours), but somehow felt like an actual vacation. Mike and I want to go back already. We went to Basic Kitchen a couple of times while we were there and easily could have visited for every meal. Delicious!!!

It was extra special getting to meet Julia’s new baby! Future besties in the making!!

A quick little snap from my book signing at the LAKE store. It was a total coincidence that my book matched the display!

And then Jack and I were off to Tampa! Love seeing my sissy with my baby!!

I also got to see Melissa and Susanna– two of my closest friends from high school– and their kids. The three of us hadn’t been together in years. (Here’s a post from the archive of when Melissa and I roadtripped to Auburn for Susanna’s 21st birthday!) The three of us have five kids now– and Melissa’s youngest is just a couple of weeks younger than Jack. Crazy and wild to see them all together!

And speaking of babies… The main reason for the Florida portion of the trip was going to Ashley’s baby shower!!!! Just loved celebrating her and cannot wait for her to be a mom 🥰

Jack’s a big fan of the swing! My mom and I took him to a park to kill a few more minutes before our bedtime routine and it was a huge hit. The laughing, the smiling. Loved watching him!

When we were back, Mike and I took the dogs to a local park to run around. His mom brought our nieces over too and the kids played while the dogs played fetch.

A little behind the scenes snapshot from the Good Morning America shoot. They filmed it in a hair/makeup room so it was quite a tight squeeze with all the producers, camera people, lighting people, etc. But made for a more “fun” experience.

After a great walk, it was so nice out that I just kept Jack in his stroller while we sat on the patio soaking up the sun and listening to the birds chirp. It got me so, so excited for this summer. Mike and I can’t wait to set up outside and log serious hours with Jack in the backyard.

Ugh, this light!!!! I love it so much; I really hope they make daylight savings permanent. Seems so much healthier and happier.

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Valencia Gower

Nice pic of you Tampa girls….er, I mean ladies. Hard to believe you all are in your 30’s and having babies. Seems like yesterday y’all were at dance class at Brucie’s.