I’m trying very hard to get organized and ready for our beach vacation next week. There’s going to be a little bit of work, but I am looking forward to being in the sun with my little fam! (Lots of sunscreen, sun shirts, and sun hats will be packed.) I think I mentioned this, but we’re heading to the Bahamas. It was a little bit of an impulse trip– my friend Chassity mentioned that they had a last minute opening for her family’s rental house and Mike and I took fifteen minutes mulling it over and then we just decided, “why not?” It’ll be our first time in Harbour Island so would love all the recommendations!

Freedom Moses sent me two new pairs of sandals for summer. I lived in these the past couple of years and I love the colors! Rosa & Sage

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Acrylic Rummikub Game Set

My sister and I are obsessed with Rummikub. We could play for hours and hours… I think we got hooked on a Rummikub Jr set (?!?) that my friend Nicole had and then we graduated to the regular game. Mike and I have it already here in the house, but I’m really freaking tempted to upgrade to the acrylic set! It’s stunning. That hot pink?! I die.

TWO // The Art of Cursive and How to Improve

My handwriting has gotten so bad. I’ve never had great handwriting and I was always jealous of the girls in school with perfect letters. (Now that I think about it, I learned cursive in two different schools when we moved from Massachusetts to Florida and I wonder if I missed a few lessons in the move.) But now that I mostly type? Jeez, my actual handwriting has taken a turn for the even worse! I do tend to do a mix of cursive and chicken scratch. Maybe relearning cursive and practicing my penmanship would be a relaxing activity

THREE // What’s For Dessert?

I preordered Clare Saffitz’s new cookbook What’s For Dessert? It doesn’t come out until November… so the countdown is on. It’s pretty early to start thinking about Christmas gifts (lol), but I just know this is going to top the charts for most giftable cookbooks! Clare can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.

FOUR // Don’t Worry Darling Trailer

Ugh! I’ve missed going to the movies so much. I will definitely be trying to get to the movies more this year! The trailer for Don’t Worry Darling looks amazing. It’s a psychological thriller about a 1950s utopian community with an all-star cast with Harry Styles (!!!), Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde… etc.

FIVE // Lake Pajamas New Arrivals

Umm anyone need new pajamas?? Obsessed with Lake Pajama’s newest summer drop. The punchy colors, stripes, and colorblocking. Can’t get over it.

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Jules Buono @ The Literary Lifestyle

I *JUST* got back from a wedding weekend in the bahamas and we had a great time + the travel was so easy (I’m in nearby Philly). Short flight, easy customs process. Plus, the pain of getting a travel visa also meant everyone aboard had tested negative for COVID very recently. We went to the Atlantis for the wedding. If you make it to that island, I would recommend The Ocean Club next door to it which is where James Bond filmed and is outrageously beautiful. There’s a Jean George restaurant + bar where we had a snack overlooking the water. Atlantis is fun too but Jack would enjoy it more when he’s older and can enjoy the aquarium + water park. Have fun!


You have come such a long way in the past year, in terms of traveling with an unvaccinated baby during a pandemic – good for you for overcoming your fears; enjoy your trip!


That Rummikub set is just the type of extra gift that would be perfect for my parents and getting their grandparent names engraved on it would be the icing on the cake! saving that link!! enjoy the beach 🙂