A roundup of the best baby books was a highly requested post via Instagram. When I was pregnant, I absolutely loved being gifted baby books. They’re my favorite things to give to expecting moms and newborns, too. I always pictured us snuggling up on the glider with a stack of books and reading. I thought that, for the most part, reading books to a baby would be more for me than the baby, but I have to say that in the past few months, Jack has grown increasingly interested in books. It sounds crazy for a nine-month old, but I swear. There was this one day where he turned around and realized that the voice reading the book was MINE. He kept turning his head to look at my lips and then the book and back to my lips, with his eyes as wide as could be, it was like he was thinking, “What is this magic???”

We read books throughout the day as we have them stacked everywhere in the nursery. Sometimes we do curl up on the recliner (it’s the best feeling), but oftentimes we just have books strewn across the floor, reaching for one or two as he plays on the floor. I don’t mind if he chews them or just wants to try to eat the fluffy “touch and feel” pages… I hope it instills a great love for reading that lasts a lifetime!

Here are some of what we consider the best baby books. (By “we,” I really mean “we.” He definitely has favorites and I also have ones that I enjoy reading more than others, 😉.) We are really big on books with flaps, touch and feel books, and any book with animal sounds.

best baby books

(I added all of these books to my Amazon Shop, by the way!)

The absolute best baby book we read the most is Good Night, Little Blue Truck. It is so cute and I love the rhyming. I had read online somewhere to always read the same book before bed to establish a routine (kind of like singing the same lullaby I think) and this is the book we read every night! Even if we read multiple before bed, we end with this one. Not going to lie, I have the entire thing memorized at this point and actually narrate the book to Jack while driving if I’m trying to distract him…. Bumpity bump down the road… Honestly, the Little Blue Truck series has so many of the best board books for babies!!

Best Books for Babies

best baby books: moo baa la la la, guess how much i love you, the pout pout fish, oh the places you'll go, touch and explore farm, the wonderful things you will be, pat the bunny, little bear's little boat, little blue truck, goodnight moon, dear zoo, chicka chicka boom boom, hippos go berserk, the going to bed book, hug time

Moo, Baa, La La La // Guess How Much I Love You // The Pout Pout Fish

Oh, the Places You’ll Go // Touch and Explore Farm // The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Pat the Bunny // Little Bear’s Little Boat // Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

Good Night, Little Blue Truck // Goodnight, Moon // Dear Zoo

Baby Touch and Feel Farm // Chicka Chicka Boom Boom // Hippos Go Berserk 

The Going to Bed Book // Hug Time // Little Blue Truck


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My nephew couldn’t get enough of the pout pout fish!!And that one was definitely one of my favorites to read with him!

Ann Foley

Have you seen “King Jack and the Dragon?” its a favorite!! Also “Time for Bed” by Mem Fox – baby books are the best


Ohhh my goodness – I have been a reader for 10+ years and rarely comment but the story of Jack realizing his mom was reading the book is just so so sweet! Such a heartwarming memory for you! My favorite thing to gift is also a good board book and I was so happy to see so many I love listed here. You also reminded me I forgot Hippos Go Berserk when I ordered a batch of baby shower gifts last week, so thank you! There is nothing better than curling up with a little one on your lap, flipping through a book you’ve read a thousand times and know exactly how to read it to get them to giggle and clap. Thank you for sharing, I love this.


teaching jack to “go berserk” was also a hilarious moment! such a good book to gift!


One thing I did when my kids were small was to never say no to a book they wanted. They could have been misbehaving in a store, and if they wanted a book I bought it. I know they shouldn’t have been rewarded, but books are something very special.


Sandra Boynton was a favorite of my 3 boys! But – did you know there is a musical version of her stories too? Sung by famous people! You can find it on Spotify – hope you all enjoy it!


My kids are older now (7 and 9), but I still remember that Going to Bed Book. Was anyone else flummoxed at the decision to go exercise AFTER taking a bath? (ha!)

Jennifer Record

LOVE LOVE LOVE giving books as presents… will share (an idea I borrowed from someone else) that I have a copy of Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go for my daughter and each year (starting with her first sitter), I ask her teachers to sign it..I plan on giving it to her after her high school graduation.. I love taking it out around this time of year and rereading all of the notes before I drop it off at the school.


I can still quote Hippos go Berserk and Moo Baa Lalala!! I used to do the same thing in the car (or anywhere) with all 3 of my boys. Now I coach PE at their school and anytime I’m stuck inside with kindergartners on a random rainy day I will act out Moo Baa Lalala and have them repeat after me.