On My Radar: Movie Edition

I’ve seen a handful of movies over the past month or so and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. I love movies. Whether I’m curled up on my couch with Netflix or squished in a packed movie theatre with popcorn (and candy), I’m a happy girl. I like all kinds of movies and I’m by no means a film guru. I like what I like, and I don’t like what I don’t like. And given the choice, I will choose the scariest movie on the docket (one of my guilty pleasures) and children’s movies will always have a special place in my heart.

ONE // Lone Survivor

Whoa. Garrett and I went to press preview. Garrett was really looking forward to seeing it and I was too, but I was also really nervous. He had read the book so he filled me in on some of the details. Aka, I kind of knew what I was getting myself into and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it.
It’s based on the true story of four Navy SEALs on a mission in Afghanistan in 2005. The movie is intense and it’s really hard to believe that it actually happened. As I was watching the movie, I was having an internal battle with myself… I spent half the time reminding myself that “it’s only a movie” and the other half of the time in disbelief that it actually happened. I cried so hard and left with a heightened appreciation for the men and women who protect our country.
Garrett asked me if I liked the movie when we were leaving and I can’t say I didn’t like it, even though it was incredibly hard to stomach at times. I found it to be gut-wrenching and heart breaking. I’m glad I saw it though and would recommend it. (It comes out in theaters on January 10.)

TWO // Blackfish

After seeing all sorts of buzz on Twitter, I had made a note to watch this documentary. Before leaving for Christmas, Garrett and I watched this one night when I remembered I had added it to my queue on Netflix. (Our track record isn’t great for feel-good, happy movies.) The documentary features the practices of tourist attractions (like SeaWorld) with regards to the treatment of Killer Whales… and the consequences of mistreatment. I’ve been to SeaWorld and seen all the shows when I was younger and I can’t say I’ll go again. Old SeaWorld trainers offer insight and personal stories as to what goes on and intense footage of attacks really shed a certain negative light on the attractions. Again, hard to watch at times, but interesting and definitely makes you think twice about animals in captivity.

THREE // Saving Mr. Banks

I had been dying to see this movie after watching the trailer. Mary Poppins is one of my favorite Disney movies and I loved that they made a film about the making of it. It’s not quite as “Disney” as I thought it was going to be, but not in a bad way. The cast was amazing (the music composers duo was my favorite!) and getting a glimpse at Disney in the 1960s is special. Seeing how her story becomes Mary Poppins (the book) and then how the book translates into the Disney version will make you want to go read the book and watch the movie again (and you’ll be humming “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” for two days after). There are some sad moments, naturally, but it’s really a wonderful little story.

FOUR // We’re the Millers
Finally! A comedy! I watched this on the flight back to the city and could not stop laughing. You know how people “ugly cry”? Well, I was certainly “ugly laughing” the entire time. Other people on the flight must have been watching too because there were times when everyone would burst out into chuckles (or hackling in my case). I’m normally a tough critique for comedies– I hate “dumb”/potty humor– but this movie was just the right amount of everything hilarious.

Would love to know if you’ve seen any of these? What did you think?


PS Any recommendation for other movies are totally welcome!

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So the only one I haven't seen that I want to is Lone Survivor! I LOVED Saving Mr. Banks. My parents and I went last Sunday and it was great, great, great! I agree that it wasn't as "Disney" as I thought it was going to be but it was absolutely fantastic!

Have you seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug yet? I checked it out today and it was really really good. But then again I love those kind of movies and may or may not own the boxed set of the extended versions of all three Lord of the Rings films…


I want to see Saving Mr. Banks so badly!!!! I just can't wait till our little tiny theater in town actually gets it!


I'm OBSESSED with Saving Mr. Banks! It was so good, and I sobbed ridiculously hard. Simply perfect.
I also saw We Are the Millers last night and it was hilarious, though maybe not the best movie to watch with your family..


I tend not to find many comedies funny, but my boyfriend and I were cracking up the whole time. Maybe a little too much at time, but hilarious nonetheless. I am dying to see Lone Survivor, though! Although I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle it.

xx, TNK
The Preppy Pony


Oh my friend and I are planning to see Saving Mr Banks when it is released here in Australia next week. I've been waiting for it's release for months! Glad you gave it a positive review



I've been really wanting to see Saving Mr. Banks. Given that it's a Disney film, I was worried that it might be too childish for a non-mom to go see alone, but Disney never ends up on Netflix, so I might have to just buck up and do it!

Mary Ricker

If you like children's movies, you should definitely see Frozen! I would highly recommend it. Also, it's good to hear such a positive review for Saving Mr.Banks–I'd been debating going to see it. 🙂


I am dying to see Saving Mr. Banks and children's movies are a guilty pleasure for me. I LOVED Tangled so I trying to convince my husband to take me to see Frozen as I've heard great things! Also, just saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and LOVED it.

Portuguese Prepster

I saw Blackfish and was pretty moved by it as well. I normally dislike potty/dumb humor too but We are the Millers was hilarious! I saw Wolf of Wall Street Recently…not what I was a expecting. There is really no plot, it's more just three hours of debauchery. Entertaining and Leo's acting is amazing, but not the movie I was hoping for.


Recently saw A Dark Truth (on Netflix), which is like a mix of the first two movies you recommended. It's a action-thriller with an environmental message that really makes you think. Definitely a must-watch


EVERYONE needs to see Saving Mr. Banks. Watched it last night with my best friend and through the whole movie we couldn't stop saying how much we loved it. Emma Thompson is sheer genius in this.

Stephanie Wigal

The Book Thief is an amazing movie! I went in with low expectations (mostly because I wanted to see the new Anchorman) but I have to say it is a great heart wrenching movie.

Julia D.

I'm dying to see Blackfish! I've felt weird about zoos and most aquariums for a while now and so I feel like this is going to confirm a lot of things I don't like, but I do think it is important to point out that not ALL aquariums are like this. The Vancouver Aquarium, for example, does a lot of animal rescue and rehabilitation and is all about using its existence as a platform for education and raising environmental consciousness. It does put on shows and is not without it's problems, but it is far from being Sea World. Personally I think it is really important to have that kind of education in ecologically precious and sensitive areas like BC because it allows children to learn to value the environment through their direct experience with it.