Rowing Blazers

My friend Jack Carlson has been working on a coffee table book featuring rowing blazers for years. Jack is Victoria (aka Little V)‘s boyfriend and the three of us were all coxswains on the men’s heavyweight rowing team at Georgetown.
Jack is one of the smartest people I know– if not the smartest. (It’s either Jack or Victoria for that title…) And he’s also one of the most interesting people I know. He’s really passionate about rowing and his dedication to the quality of this coffee table book absolutely shows. I was blown away at the preview I got of the book when Jack was in town this December.
Jack via Unabashedly Prep
Every time the page turned, it would instantly become my new favorite. The photography is amazing, of course, as is the attention to the history of the various crews featured. Jack’s research is nothing short of incredible– even finding the first written record of “blazer.”
I tagged along on a couple of the shoots (like the one of the boat I raced with at Henley in 2010 and a few at the Head of the Charles) so I’m particularly excited that the book is so much closer to fruition! 
The book isn’t available until this fall (although if you’re at Henley this summer you might be able to get an earlier copy!)… But you can follow updates and get more sneak peeks by following the Twitter account and liking the Facebook page.

PS I actually met Fred because of this book. Jack was back on campus with Fred getting photographs of my boat while I was a senior. We spent an afternoon getting the shots done and then went to dinner after. It’s amazing that through this project we became great friends!
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amy h @ leopardspot

I LOVE the concept of this book!! I studied Material Culture as my minor in college and the way Jack has gone about researching and writing sounds very similar to what I did for projects. So cool – I can't wait to see the finished product!

xx, Amy