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So I said I didn’t have any New Year’s Resolutions… and I don’t beyond the mantra. But I have to admit that I’ve committed myself to experiment a little bit more with makeup. I have the same routine and I very, very, very rarely deviate from it. Even when I put on eyeshadow it’s always the exact same… because I read which colors to put on from a card that came with the palette. (Truth.)
Wearing makeup is just half the battle though. I’ve been really trying to get control of my skin in general. It’s like an uphill battle and, ugh, a constant source of frustration for me. The minute I feel like I might have my skin under control, something happens that causes my routine to derail. You know, like the weather.
My skin has been so dry lately. It doesn’t matter what kind of moisturizer I use in the morning, walking around throughout the day dries it out completely. At one point in early December, my face hurt just touching it or moving my eyebrows up. (This, if you remember, happened last February as well.) Now I’ve worked out a new little nighttime routine that seems to transform my skin overnight. In the morning, I wake up and my skin is fresh, blemish free (actually!), and soft. I can move my little eyebrows pain-free 😉
I think my other routines would solve one problem and create another because they were too complicated. (Moisturized skin, but blemishes…. or Blemish-free, but super dry.) However, this is super– embarrassingly so– simple. But it does work.

The only hard part is that sometimes my skin is so dry that using the Clarisonic hurts… I actually stopped using it for a while because my skin felt so sensitive when I turned it on. I think it’s the best invention though, especially to get all the “city” off my skin at night. (I know, gross.) To lessen the irritation from the dryness, I massage Fresh Soy Cleanser on my skin with warm/hot water before using the Clarisonic.
I pat my skin dry and then brush/floss my teeth while I wait for it to dry completely. And then I go to town with Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins renewal creme. I really coat it on to the point where my face feels extra-dewy to the touch. Sometimes I’ll even put another layer on. I hate the feeling truthfully; it ends up feeling almost gooey. But climbing into bed like that and waking up with near-perfect skin is the best!
I’ve been doing this every night and my skin is noticeably smoother and doesn’t get that painful/cracked feeling throughout the day. 
What’s your go-to moisturizer to save yourself from dry skin?

PS Any makeup tips or favorite beauty websites?
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Jody-Anne Whitfield

That's great that your skin is feeling better. Just be careful in not overusing the clarisonic. It's been known to damage some peoples' skin. I always use a washclosh to exfoliate away the city grime because Caroline Hirons told me to and she is my skincare God ( For makeup tutorials I'm fond of the Beauty Department; it's definitely an easy beauty approach. Oh and Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr on Youtube are amazing.

Danielle Lorizio

I would definitely recommend checking out the beauty blog She also has a youtube channel where she recommends products and does sort-of tutorials. What makes her so great is that her makeup is so natural looking – what she does in tutorials are so easy to do and you don't feel like you're wearing makeup that's too much! I'm just addicted to her – she also has a vlog which is great!

ps. About the whole make up thing – me too! I'm a creature of habit. Thank God my Too Faced palette has the little instruction placard 🙂

Hanna Yoon

You should put on a toner or other type of very light moisturizer within 5 seconds of washing your face. Don't wait until your face is completely dry after using the clairsonic. Your skin dries out within that time and your pores close up, making your skin taut. That means the moisture from your renewal cream will have a harder time being soaked up by your skin. Since the cream is of a heavier material, I recommend using some type of light toner directly after washing your face and drying it. Then you can apply the renewal cream and a) your skin won't dry out as quickly and b) you won't have to use as much of the cream!
Best wishes,

Amy Grant

Favourite beauty blogs –,,, and has great beauty tips in the Primp section.

You're welcome.


I agree with Hanna – don't let your skin dry out before applying moisturizer, make sure to put it on when your face is still dewy from washing (warm water only, never hot).


I have very finicky skin and it took me forever to find a moisturizer that didn't make my skin feel oily. Lush's Imperalis has saved my skin. It soaks right in. I too experienced pain when touching my skin on my face because it was so dry. It's a very light moisturizer and you can use it whenever.


Yup, I agree with all the others who said don't let your skin dry out before using moisturizer. In Asia it is common to use a tonic (they call it lotion) before applying creams. Think of your skin like a sponge. If you take a dry sponge, and place liquid on top (like dishwashing liquid), it'll sit there, and only slowly absorb SOME of what you put on top. But take a damp sponge, and place another liquid on top, and it'll get sucked in much more and quicker. That's how skin works. I usually spray my face with thermal water (like Avene) and then apply creams by patting them into the skin, not rubbing. Patting also helps your skin absorb more of the goodness of your moisturizer.

Crystal Konz

I have been working in cosmetics/makeup for 6 years! You have to make sure that you are using something to bind water to your skin. It sounds like what you are experiencing is dry skin AND dehydrated skin, which means you are lacking water and oil. Dehydration in the skin is not cured from drinking more water. You have to have something to bind water to the top layers of your skin. Dry skin creams are definitely putting oil back into your skin but from going in and out of buildings all day, the heaters in the buildings (and in your house for that matter) are sucking moisture out of the air and out of your skin. I recommend using something like Clinique's Moisture surge under a dry skin cream if you get that tight. Also, personally I get dehydrated year round, so I use Bare Minerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum. It's main purpose is to put 91% more water into your skin in just 24 hours. I also use Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment after my moisturizer at night to help lock everything in and prevent it from losing moisture at night. Also remember, when you up exfoliation, you need to up moisturizer levels. As a last resort, I also put a humidifier in my room to run at night which helps tremendously. I wrote an article for on the differences between skin types and skin conditions maybe that will help too! It is broken up into 2 parts:

Hope this helps!!!



My routine is just as simple. I have super sensitive skin so I can't use many products. I have even cut moisturizer out of my routine because I tended to break out! I used Aveeno Clear Complexion cleanser with exfoliating beads. It works wonders and I swear by it! I have been looking into the Clarisonic, too, but wasn't sure if it was worth the investment!

xx, TNK
The Preppy Pony

Mary Ricker

I too have dry skin–thanks to the lack of humidity here in Colorado–and I have found that Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion has helped me. 🙂 It is a little pricey ($30, I believe) but you get a ton of product and don't need to use very much at one time. As for favorite beauty websites, I actually watch a couple beauty YouTubers who are fantastic: Rachel Whitehurst ( and Lindsey Hughes (beautybaby44 on YouTube). Good luck! Let us know how it works out…dry skin is a bummer. 🙁


This sounds crazy, but it has really been working and is much more budget-friendly than some of the cleansers you can find in Sephora. I have what I guess you could call "combination" skin — it's naturally oily, so I hate using too much moisturizer or product on it, but in the winter it gets easily dry and uncomfortable.

I bought a jar of the natural coconut oil from Trader Joe's for like $7 and just massage a little on at the end of the night. It works as a great natural makeup remover, doesn't sting if it gets in your eyes, and leaves your skin feeling so soft in the morning. I've been using it about 2-3 nights per week for nearly a month and it's really helped me battle Virginia weather swings. It also works fantastically on cracked or chapped hands/cuticles, and you can massage it into your roots to help overnight condition your hair. And if you've got any other random dry patches on legs or arms, it takes care of those too.

You only need to use a little! I scoop about a teaspoon's worth out onto a regular spoon and just rub it in.

Good luck!


I really want to try the Clarisonic; it sounds like it works super well! As far as moisturizer goes, I put little bits of Vaseline on my skin if it gets super dry and it works really well! I think what helps me though is the face wash I use. I use the Clinique facial soap that comes in a green bottle. It is really gentle and works wonders!

Prep on a Budget

Kim Topolewski

My face gets dry around my nose in winter (most likely from blowing it so much. ew, but the truth). The rest of my body is what gets SUPER dry. And I'm always lazy and never put lotion on. I've been putting it more consistently on my hands, because they've been getting cracked. I think I just hate the feeling of fresh wet lotion. It's slimy and you can't touch or do anything until it dries. But I do love when it sets in… my skin gets so smooth. Ah, the struggles.

carelessly graceful


I have several estee lauder moisturizers that work really well. One's a day moisturizer and it came with a Lilly Pulitzer/Estee Lauder gwp. It's in a pink jar with a gold lid. I also have almond oil by Weleda. It's excellent for dry areas but I haven't applied it to my entire face.


FRESH products are awesome!!! You should use their rosewater toner. I have eczema and it has really been a relief to not feel and look as dry this winter because of the cleanser and toner! There's also a face polish from fresh. I'm so glad I found them because they are amazing!!

Happy New Year!! 🙂

Mallory Crandlemire

I've been dealing with dry skin, too- Andalou has some great products that are all natural!! Check out their website and they have charts for picking the right products for your skin type is great for makeup (:


I always end up using Yes to Carrots or Yes to Tomatoes face wash creams because anything else ends up making my skin feel really dry in the winter. I love them and they are cheap, so it's pretty much a win-win for me!

– Sarah
Chem & Cardigans


I have struggled with dry skin for years and tried so many different things. I just started using Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and a Clarisonic as well and have been loving the results. It manages to really clean my skin without stripping it of all it's moisture. I pair it with the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream and my skin has felt amazing.


I keep it simple with Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer at night, and moisturizer with SPF for the day. Any something like a Dove facial soap bar can do wonders for dry skin; Cetaphil products are great, too!


Try using the sensitive attachment for your Clarisonic and only using it every few days, as it sounds like you are stripping your skiin if it is that painful.

Christina Larigan

I have super sensitive skin and winters in New York were the worst. There was actually one year when I literally itched from head-to-toe for three months. Cetaphil lotion & cream are the absolute best. They're super emollient so they moisturize amazingly and form a sort of protective barrier to keep your skin moisturized for at least a few hours. When it was super cold I'd have to reapply throughout the day, but for the most part it would last all day. It's also one of the best for sensitive skin, no fragrances or other irritants, and you really can't beat the price. Definitely swing by your closest Duane Reade!

Nicole Coppins

I absolutely love Clinque skincare products and their moisturizer especially! When my skin is dry, I put it on at night and wake up in the morning with clear, soft, non-dry skin! I highly recommend it.


I use Juice Beauty's stem cellar moisturizer and it's AMAZING. It smells lemony and makes my skin so soft! I love it!

emily rose

Love Origins High Potency Night a Mins! Try the Drink Up Intensive mask overnight once or twice a week. Also a little sticky but my skin feels so hydrated in the am.

Amber Lee Rosenzweig

One other thing to try: the Fresh Sugar Scrub. It's the same idea that you have going. It's gently exfoliating and super moisturizing. I had the same issue moving to London where my skin was suddenly really dry and felt filmed over by 'city' at the end of the night, but I had to balance with keeping it clear at the same time and I just love this scrub!


1. Don't let your skin dry out before applying moisturizer, everything everyone said is right. When your skin is too dry, it doesn't absorb the products as well. Make sure it is damp.
2. Skin needs to be hydrated and moisturized. It helps to drink water, but it's not enough. Use products that contain hylauronic acid to hydrate, hylauronic acid can hold much more water than it's weight and is often used in cosmetics. Then because of the heat, and humidity, you need to lock that moisture in. Moisture from skin will evaporate when the air around is too dry, but also when it is too humid. When it's dry around you, your skin tries to stay hydrated on the surface so it pulls the water from your skin's cells to do that. When it's too humid, the moisture in the air binds with the moisture in your skin, and again, pulls water out of your skin. It's hard to determine optimal moisture levels for your skin, so to protect your skin from the harsh dry heat coming from radiators in the winter, and the humid NYC weather outside that is also cold, make sure you apply some type of protection like an emollient based cream, or skin-healthy argan, primrose or almond oil. Don't go outside without a protective barrier on your skin, you can look for special protective creams for winter. When your skin experiences extensive dry spells, you're more likely to see wrinkles quicker. And remember, your skin doesn't have to appear dry when it's dehydrated.


I love using essential fatty acid rich oil blends I make myself. They absorb quickly and deliver repairing protective antioxidant rich benefits deep into your skin. Try Carrot seed oil seed and rosehip oil with a little avocado oil. Great for dry skin. Use borage oil as a night treatments or almond oil for a lighter daytime treatment (add essential oils for your skin type e.g. tamanu, frankincense or rose for very dry skin). Lots you can make at home for low cost but are very effective for very dry skin and just as nice as store bought products 🙂

Katherine L

I've been debating on getting a clarisonic. I had the Tanda a few years ago, and while it worked great at first, I had a huge adverse reaction after words (I'm talking about scars that lasted for 4+ years). I have impossible skin to treat. I can't use any harsh chemicals without it burning my skin, and I can't use anything with plant extracts without having an allergic reaction. The soy cleaner didn't work for me unfortunately, but hopefully you have better results. In my latest venture for nicer skin, I went into a Kiehl's store begging for samples to try out. The cleanser was nice and thick, but left my skin a bit tight. I enjoyed using the Rare Earth Masque as well. But I highly recommend the Ultra Facial Cream. It's meant to withstand harsh winter conditions. While I find it kind of thick, I do find it lasts all day and works well under my foundation.

As someone who was born and raised in the harsh Canadian climate, I can say it doesn't get easier. When you think you have a set routine, something else will happen (stress, a few years of nice weather can throw you off your game, illnesses that throw your PH out of whack, etc). I found that the key is to not get discouraged and remain flexible. Hope everything works out soon!



I have been struggling with dry skin around my chin area and it makes me look like I have a white beard. 🙁 I try many kinds of moisturizers and they either just absorb and do thing, and or are too oily and clog my skin up. Do you think it is diet related?

xox Ingrid from Style Prosciutto

Caroline Waller

Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream. It is the best winter moisturizer, in my humble opinion. I have used a lot of Kiehl's products and this one is the only product that has consistently worked as advertised.

My skin looks brighter and more youthful (I'm 29, I'm starting anti-aging products early).