New Year’s Eve

This was absolutely one of the most fun New Year’s Eve to date. Amy and I opted out of parties and, with a few of our friends out of town, we decided to do what we do best. Have fun with props and make the night exactly what we wanted it to be. Nothing more, nothing less. I can’t think of a better way to have rung in the new year.
We spent the afternoon and early evening bundled up wandering around the Upper East Side looking for fun New Year’s Eve things. It was flurrying outside and, while super chilly, it was extraordinarily festive! It was almost like the city decided to give us a sneak preview of the confetti to come. 
With macarons, confetti, and feathered headbands in tow, we went back to my apartment to warm up and set up. Truth be told, Amy was quite sick and I had a tiny bit of work to do so we really just relaxed in the living room interrupting each other with funny and funnier stories. Sushi, pad thai, macarons, and Kate Spade champagne make for a great New Year’s Eve: Girls’ Night In Edition.
We live-streamed the ball drop and mirrored it to my TV (yay for technology) and then snuggled up with Teddy and played games until the countdown. Teddy fell asleep, but don’t worry, I woke him up for a quick kiss at midnight 😉
How cute is this striped dress from Gap? The fit and flare is perfect.
Amy and I had the best time. A little bit of an unconventional NYE, but we basically created our perfect little girls’ night.
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