On Purpose

Have you seen Kate Spade’s latest collection “On Purpose”? It’s an incredible line for a number of reasons. The initiative is based on helping 150 women in Masoro, Rwanda to become a profitable supplier with the goal of helping the community reach economic stability. Instead of donating proceeds of the collection, the women are salaried employees with benefits (like paid maternity leave and health care)!
The product line is also truly beautiful and full of color. I personally love the friendship bracelets with the inscription “LIVE FULLY” and “BE BOLD” and the solid bow clutch.

Kate Spade, Jack Spade, and Kate Spade Saturday all have their own “On Purpose” collections. Shop some of my favorites below:

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Not only is this an amazing cause, the product is really good which I think will inspire a lot of people to invest in it. I always believe that the best way to help is by teaching people a new, useful skill and empowering them instead of just donating to people in need.


indian sundance

I really hope you plan on donating the money you make from all of the rstyle links in this post to charity. That there even are rstyle links in this post is disgusting. You have really reached a new low. You are utterly shameless. Exploiting a charity – and your readers – to make a buck. Ugh.


Count me appalled as well. I used to be a big fan of yours, but my waning respect for you has dwindled to nothing. Using rstyle links to promote a charity is beyond exploitative and tasteless, and I would hope any money you earn from this goes back to charity. Consider yourself unfollowed and, to use your language, off my radar.