Organize, Please… Carry-On

I’m a little bit sick of airplanes right now… and airports for that matter.  But all these flights in the past two weeks have made me narrow down my choices for what I carry on.
I break down my handbag and store it in my checked bag.  (This is also the perfect time to really go through and clean out my purse!!!)  For the most part, I carry all my “purse things” in my carry-on!
Earplugs: These pink and yellow little guys have two purposes.  First, they block out the annoying screeching coming from the kids three rows back.  Second, they protect my eardrums.  Really, I have no idea if this is true or not.  But hey, I’m majorly paranoid.  (Remember when I ruptured my eardrum on the flight home from London?  Not fun.)
Chapstick: Honestly, I never go anywhere without chapstick.  Planes are no exception.  My skin always gets so dry after flying, but my lips don’t… because I never let it get to that point.  Chapstick every four minutes!!!
Eyeglasses:  No explanation necessary.
Clutch:  This is my “OMG I wish I had a…” Kit.  As handy as it during a regular day, trust me when I say that it comes in handy when you’re thousands of miles in the sky.
Wallet:  Again, no explanation needed.
Pencil Pouch: I can’t go anywhere without a bunch of pens and pencils.  There’s something about being trapped in a 2’x2′ middle seat that makes my brain go crazy.  I get idea after idea after idea that I have to jot down.  I make insane color-coded lists.  I remember that I need to email someone.
Notebook: May Book notebooks are my current go-to.  You should have seen my crazy list taking going on coming back to DC from Tampa.  Craziness.  (See Pencil Pouch.)
Laptop: Unless I have to finish writing a final paper (happened.) or writing a letter to a dean (happened.) or  writing a few Prep Talks (happened.), I tend to just carry it with me so I don’t have to check it.
iPad: I download a book or two and have some great in-flight reading options.  And…. I sometimes play about thirty four games of Sudoku!
Throw everything into my large Longchamp and I’m ready for two and a half hours of flying.

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I've flown between Atlanta and D.C./Boston about 20 times in the past year… funny to look back at what I had in my carry ons the first few trips vs now. Best investment I made was my large Longchamp, can't imagine traveling without it now!!


Love this so much! I don't fly that much, but do make lots of car trips…when I'm not driving. I'm not nearly as organized as you but plan to start ASAP!

The Sweetest Thing

I'm just loving this blog! It's too cute. I also love being organzied and having everything w/me when I travel – in fact, I'm getting on a plane Wednesday and I will have to take some notes! I use a large Michael Kors bag when I travel instead of a Longchamp!

Southern Charm

I'm so glad you did this post! As I'm preparing for my flight to London in May I'm really anxious about what I'll need during my flight. Any other recommendations for a long flight like that? I will definitely be downloading some book & such onto my ipad to keep me preoccupied, and most likely having some magazines on hand to read.



Hi! I like to play Sudoku… a lot! I think it makes time go really fast, especially on a plane! You can download a game (that can be played offline) on your iPad and play Sudoku throughout your flight!


I travel a lot – usually abroad – and this post hits the spot with the perfect travel essentials and Longchamps are definitely the most perfect traveling bag.

Landi {The Lifestyle Guide}

Couldn't agree more… only thing I bring other than these things are advil and some snacks because most of the time flight attendants are to par and the snacks are definitely not to par… with low blood sugar – snacks are a must 😉 Thanks for the tips!

Heather W

I've always loved reading your blog, and I knew you reminded me of somebody. Now I realize who it is — remember the show "Gilmore Girls"? You're Rory!! This post so reminds me of the episode where Rory talked about taking three novels in her backpack wherever she went. (I do the same thing, btw…)