spring and summer staple

I could not be happier right now with the weather in D.C.  It’s warm…  It’s SPRING!!!!!
I feel like the weather is playing a trick on us.  I mean, we didn’t have a real winter.  It barely snowed.  Of course, I am not complaining about this.  But I feel like we’re going to get some sort of crazy “Ha, you thought you it was spring? Here’s some snow” thing from Mother Nature.
But, in the meantime, it is warm out!  Rejoice!!!
I’m transitioning my closet from winter to spring right now.  All my plaids and wool skirts have been put away.  Sad.  But, my spring shorts have been resurrected!  Actually, while I was re-ironing all my shorts to put away, I realized that I have a major addiction to J. Crew chino shorts.
While my shorts collection consists of patterns, prints, florals, and critters… the solid chino shorts are my go-to.
I think they can be worn for so many occasions!
My favorite combination is to match them with a button down.

Anyone else into the J. Crew chino shorts?

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Emily Wagman

I just bought a pair of the hot pink shorts a few weeks ago, thinking I wasn't going to be able to wear them until April or May, but I'm loving this early spring that's happening this year! Going to school in Vermont makes any day above 55 degrees feel like summer…and like it's time for J.Crew colorful shorts!


I did a post on J. Crew chino shorts today too! I seriously live in them spring/summer and was so happy to be able to put a pair on this past week, because the weather has been gorgeous here – we're talking mid 70's -80 degrees!

I have quite the collection of these shorts, and it's only going to go up!


I love J.Crew's chino shorts. My favorites are my yellow ones with navy anchors. My white ones are almost worn out.


I LIVE in JCrew chinos in the summer. I actually just picked up anchor critter JCrew chinos yesterday. They're the cutest things ever.


I love the chino shorts! Last spring, I bought 3 pairs in purple, black, and blue seersucker with anchors! Always my go-to shorts! 🙂


I lived in my J. Crew chinos last summer. As soon as I get back to the states, I'll be picking up some more to add to my already ridiculous collection.

Charlotte R.

I absolutely adore my J. Crew chinos! I still wear mine from a few years back… and have them in a ton of different colors. I have serious envy for my roommate's neon pink pair. Can I steal?

Landi {The Lifestyle Guide}

JCrew Chino's… the get me every time! I at least buy 3-4 new pairs at the outlet mall each summer!! They are so addicting b/c of their comfort & how they go with everything!! Can't wait to see what colors they come out with for this summer!


I want to get a pair of J. Crew chinos online, but I'm not sure what size to order. Do you recommend sizing up or down, or do you find that they fit true to size?