Organize, Please… Nail Polish

It’s official. Sporty Sister and I have a major problem when it comes to nail polish. I don’t think the problem is that bad (sort of…) on our own, but when you combine our two collections it’s a little overwhelming. We like nail polish… a lot. And the real problem is that we have two very different skin colors and two even more different styles. Which only leads to one things…. lots of colors.
For one of my birthdays (it was in Massachusetts so it was pre-eight years old), my Mom got me a box covered in golden retrievers with tons of nail polish. For years, and I mean years, this is what we stored nail polish in. I think we finally threw it out a year or two ago. While I was at school, I had a big cosmetic case that I stored everything in. It wasn’t the best solution, especially when I forgot to pull out the top coat and could “dig” through the bag to find it because my nails were still drying. (Which, for the record, happened just about every time.)
For fun, Sporty Sister suggested that I line them up on the widow sill of the Ladies Lounge.
(This Instagram is four pictures of the line up…. Although it would be cool to have some sort of shelved storage!)
It was fun for a little bit, but it lost it’s color coordination pretty quick once we were painting nails and getting lazy in putting the bottles back. Plus, Sporty Sister stole all the Essie’s to display in her room….
I must admit, the bottles look like a little work of art! 

AND this actual work of art is perfect for the display! Laura Trevey sent me a few watercolors when I blogged about her shop. We’ve been looking for the perfect home for the Essie print… and I think we found it!!!

(Nothing to do with organization, but this top coat is the best! Smells a little strong, but works perfectly!)

We still needed a place for the Julep polish. (A new Heitlinger favorite!)

I dug through Soccer Mom’s vase collection and found a pretty little guy. The polish look so sophisticated in their new home!!!
How do you store nail polish?
PS Some of my recent favorite nail colors:
OPI ‘Lucky Lucky Lavender’

Julep ‘Susan’

Essie ‘Geranium’

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Love the idea of storing nail polish in a vase. Going to have to take mine out of their pouch and put them on display


Those are some cute displays!
Mine are all in a cabinet in the bathroom. I always have to dig to find the color I want though.
Not that you need another choice, but have you checked out Zoya polish? It is my newest addiction!


My polishes are "organized" in an old card catalog that my husband dragged home from work. It is a step up from the mess that they were in before, but it still needs a lot of work.


That Essie display looks adorable! I really don't have enough to store, haha, so mine's kind of all over.


Mine's in a cosmetics bag, but I have the same wet nail problem! I love love your ring! What brand is it/where is it from??

Julia D.

Sounds like you've found some really adorable ways to store nail polish (may be stealing them!). All of the colours you've recently been wearing seem really sweet and summery, love it! Oh, and I know this totally wasn't point but what book were reading in the picture and where did you get that ring?


I recently saw something on pinterest that I decided to do. I bought a big glass hurricane jar at Michaels (it was $24.99, and I had a half off coupon!), and I have them all in there. It's simple, but looks so great on my dresser. I need to blog this photo, haven't done it yet! Right now, the jar is about half filled, so there is plenty of room for more polish in the future!