The Popover

A long time ago someone asked me this…  If I were a cartoon character, what would my character wear? (You know how cartoon characters wear the same outfit every single episode?) I thought it was the most creative question. I didn’t have a great answer then… but I think I do now.
I’ve been wearing the same type of shirt ALL the time. I’m loving button downs/ups. But the J. Crew Popover has my full attention. I have a couple of them and I definitely want more! Clearly it’s really popular (…. ha) because J. Crew has a bunch of colors, prints, and patterns. I mean, really, each one is just too cute.
I think the reason why I love the shirts so much are that they’re just super easy to wear. They’re less formal than a button up, but more dressy than a t-shirt and they’re just oh-so-comfortable. I roll the sleeves up on mine for an even more relaxed look.
Seriously, I could live in the popovers.
What you need to make a super chic (but secretly comfortable) outfit:

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In the vocabulary I was taught, a popover is a kind of jumper, so this confused me! I love these shirts..or popovers! though. Definitely on my to-buy list.


Ahhh yes… I love the look of button downs but oxford cloth is definitely not my favorite fabric. It just is not very comfortable to me. But the J.Crew perfect shirt button downs are so awesome… they really are perfect! They are just so soft and fit perfect and look really great! I'm so glad I discovered them.



I have the Camp Popover and its very thing material so in order to wear it and not look "sloppy" it needs to get ironed everytime