Out with the OLD, in with the NEW!

I did a post at the beginning of Fall semester about what was in my tote bag. I used that Lilly tote through September, but it’s not exactly appropriate for fall or winter. I switched to my trusty Vineyard Vines tote, which I absolutely adore. The girls from my freshman dorm gave it to me for my birthday last year. Unfortunately, some IDIOT spilled their coffee on it during an econ lecture last semester. I tried to get as much off as I could, but the tote has gotten kinda grungy to begin with. [Not to mention that a new pair of jeans turned it blue on the back side!]

Anyways, I decided to retire the tote for now. I’ll probably use it for regattas or sleepovers at Little V’s!

Old, trusty Vineyard Vines tote. I’ll miss you buddy.

Navy notebook and binder (for my Monday/Wednesday schedule; I have a gray notebook and binder for my Tuesday/Thursday)

Mints that I steal from the dining hall. Remember, NO GUM.

Lilly agenda, notebook, and Pocket Lilly Pad

I’m an obsessive list maker.

I always have a book for pleasure with me. I have this problem with being extremely early to class (I despise being late), so I mostly end up reading for the few minutes before class starts.

Lilly cosmetic case turned pencil pouch with Papermate Sharpwriters, Vineyard Vines pens, Lilly highlighters and pen, and the all important SHARPIE.

Can’t forget the reading glasses!

And here is my new BEAUTIFUL backpack!!! I haven’t used one since middle school (I had the cutest red and pink flowered one from Old Navy), but I thought it was time to make the switch from tote-to-backpack. I can fit a lot more books in, so trips to the library will be better.

It has three pockets. The big back pocket is perfect for a laptop and a binder and notebook. The middle pocket is a little smaller, but could easily fit a few notebooks or folders. And the front pocket is perfect for agendas, post-its, glasses, and pens/pencils.

I got the backpack from Monogram Chick. After I placed my order, I received an email that it was out of stock and they weren’t sure if they were ordering more. I was SO bummed, but they were so nice and helpful and found another backpack! I felt like I won the lottery.

More than slightly obsessed with this monogram. The pink and green are very vibrant. I love the classic look of the script letters juxtaposed with the contemporary pink and green circle.

I’m actually EXCITED for class on Monday. Okay, at least excited to use my new backpack!

-College Prepster

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Room 22

I just stumbled upon your blog and it is too cute! I love the vv tote and that lily pouch is adorable! I typically use the l.l. bean boat and totes. Super sturdy and I don't feel bad about having one in every color because they are so affordable! (and durable!)



It sounds like we list makers are all onboard with you…it is a good obsession along with being punctual at all times…lateness is an annoyance to say the least!!!

Ashley Carole

That bookbag it too cute! I love all of your lists and pens so adorable! I am still early to class in grad school, now I just do class work it is not as exciting.

Preppy 101

I carry the VV corduroy patchwork as my purse in the fall and winter and the one like yours in the spring and summer. I have a new one for this year also!! Love them.
I love all our composition notebooks, etc. I have obsession with such.


oh you're hilarious! i love that you're so organized!! the question is, do you maintain it throughout the semester? i always started off strong…


I just saw that lands end has giant totes for like 30 dollars…i'd assume they'd be pretty good quality. AND you can get them monogrammed for only 5 dollars…monogramming is ALWAYS a PLUS! Have a great weekend!