I was so looking forward to the spring collection from Vineyard Vines. I thought they did a FANTASTIC job with the fall collection (especially compared to Lilly’s lackluster fall clothing)…

I just got the email for the new Spring arrivals, and I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed. The colors are okay, but I’m not sure how I feel about the greens. It’s not exactly lime, and it seems to have a little bit of a “pea” like tint. I wonder how it looks in person.

I like the idea behind this skirt, it’s very Lilly-esque, but it seems to have a very boxy fit and I’m not sure how I feel about the length of it. I think they should have mimicked Lilly a little more with some embellishments. The patches are pretty muted in style.

These shorts are very classic Vineyard Vines. I personally like the shorter inseam, and this color will go well with navys, whites, yellows, and light blues.

I REALLY want to try on this skirt. This was the one thing that I liked A LOT. I’m a bit worried that it might look to childish, but cross your fingers it doesn’t!

The men’s collection looked like any other season frankly. I did like these swim trunks though. (I feel like I saw a very similar pattern in the Orlando outlet store though…)
I loved these shorts for Girls. They remind me of a navy pair I got from VV earlier this summer!

Can they make this in Big Girl or Women’s sizes?!? I love the gingham whale!!!

I’m REALLY hoping that my size 7 feet will fit into a pair of these girl’s flip flops. They’re perfect for poolside!

What are your thoughts on the new spring collection???

-College Prepster

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They make the Flip Flops in womens sizes!! I wear a size 7 too and in girls the smallest I can fit into is a 5! Good Luck!!


Hey Car! Check out Southern Marsh, its a company some LSU alums started that has a VV vibe. I think you'll like it!

Love ya,
your cousin


so this is random, but I was looking at your old posts and saw some of the VV stationary, and then I went to the Vineyard Vines website, and they have flip flops very similar to these in women's sizes!