The snowpocalypse has definitely come to Georgetown University. I cannot believe how much snow is outside my window!

We were supposed to have a 7 am practice, which would have meant walking down to the boathouse at 6:25 in ALL THE SNOW! I mean, A LOT of snow. While it was still snowing!

We got the cancel call at 6:08. Phew.

I was brushing my teeth and getting ready to put my feet into my Hunter Wellingtons. How did I survive without them before this fall? I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA.

This is the remnants of the last snow storm. If only you could see it now! It’s still snowing, but I’ll try to get some pictures today or tomorrow!

Wellies are perfect for rainy days, and now with these fleece socks, they’re perfect for snowy days too. I’m not a fan of weird colored ones (yes, I know, even the pink ones, sad but true)… I prefer the darker ones (black, navy, grey, green, etc.)

I picked up a black pair at Nordstrom over Thanksgiving break. They replaced my J. Crew wellies, which I loved. But I honestly haven’t even worn the J. Crew pair since! I have the grey fleece socks as well as a pair of navy with stripes sock.

Keep those tosies warm during these snowy days!

-College Prepster

PS It took me two snowstorms to figure out how to wear the socks properly. They drove my toes and feet crazy at first, but I finally figured it out.

  1. You must wear SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY jeans. Nothing with a flare, or you’re asking for bunching and weird lumps and bumps.
  2. Get a good pair of trouser socks. I prefer my J. Crew navy, pink, and grey argyle socks.
  3. Once the jeans are on, fold up the bottom until the bottom of the fold hits your ankle.
  4. Grab the cuff behind your leg and fold it flat. My skinny jeans are still loose around my ankle, so I have a big foldover. Soccer Mom and I call this maneuver the “Nip and Tuck.”
  5. Take your sock with one hand and put it on over your jean bottom while holding the foldover. It’s kinda tricky, but try it a couple of times
  6. PS I do this while sitting on the floor with my legs completely out straight so that there’s no premature bunching around the knees.
  7. After your socks are on over your jeans, put your fleece sock on.
  8. Squish your foot and leg into the boot. It feels uncomfortable at first, but it feels fine after a little bit.
  9. Fold over the top of the sock and line up the HUNTER label.

PPS Here’s a sneak peek at a snow picture. It’s the front gates! More pictures tomorrow!!! (Classes were cancelled- SNOW DAY!)

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Love the boots, we had a snowstorm last weekend and everyone FREAKED and well we had a college wide snowball fight!


hahah i looove the directions! i went to HS in alexandria, VA so i can imagine how gorgeous it looks out there right now!


I go to school in Virginia and everyone is going crazy over the snow! A bunch of the dorms lost power, but thankfully mine hasn't yet! Stay Warm! xoxo


OMG!!! You spend sooo much time on perfection it makes me tired!!! It's good for you, but, I just wouldn't ever be bothered to be perfect…plus, don't think anyone would recognize me if I was so perfect. Do hope you went to your Hoyas big win over Nova…BIG, BIG win in the Big East!!!