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Outfit Remix

This is not a new outfit, and it’s not the first time it’s graced the pages of this blog. I feel like I do a pretty great job of re-wearing clothes on here. Yes, I do shop more than the average girl (I think so at least), but I don’t want to give the impression that I only wear things once and then ditch. I usually mix and match pieces I’ve already worn into new outfits for the blog, but trust me, I re-wear exact outfits ALL THE TIME in real life. (Cue the “Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater” GIF.)

I like how this is pretty much the same outfit I wore this fall, but it takes on a whole new look with a different pair of shoes and a coat.

Carly the Prepster

Instead of heels, I went with these cap toe slingbacks (omg I just saw that they come in a ballet pink now too). These are somewhere between a block heel and a flat– they give just enough elevation to elongate the leg and not too much where you can still walk all day in them.

Carly Heitlinger

My camel coat is still available in a couple of sizes and it’s marked down pretty low. You’ve definitely seen a lot of it this year– it’s one of my most worn coats. I love that it’s easily dressed up or down.

Camel Coat Chanel Lookalikes  Uniqlo Cashmere Sweater

Classic Preppy Outfit Inspiration

Camel Coat (similar here too) // Cashmere Sweater (c/o, 50% off right now!!) // Pants (similar here too) // Shoes // Similar Crossbody // Similar Necklace // Similar Headband

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Anne M Dewvall

Hi Carly,
Love this outfit! I always love how chic you look in a camel coat but have a question. I have similar coloring (very fair, dark hair) although I have slightly more golden undertones to my skin. I feel like tan always washes me out. Do you think a red lip is key to this look, or is tan just not a problem color for you?


Love this Carly! The camel and black is such a good combo. Thanks also for taking a small step to normalise outfit repeating


The combination of colors is classic and timeless, and the all-black outfit is beautiful!


I know this wasn’t the “highlight” of the outfit, but that bow headband needs a shoutout. I’ve noticed a lot more bows on things lately, but that is such a cute and girly accessory without shouting “BOW!!!” in your face. It’s actually wearable. Love it.